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1/2 beer goals check 2021

Link to the goals: 2021 Beer Goals + Year in Review

  1. One White calendar month – Started😉 - 1/2 year: Jupp!
  2. 200 countries currently at 197 (keeper) - 1/2 year: 198 (+ one in the celler)
  3. 425 Swedish breweries currently at 409, hard vs Covid19 - 1/2 year: 428 Done!
  4. Average 3,3 to 3,4 - 1/2 year: 3,31
  5. H index for countries from 27 to 32 (keeper), currently at 29 - 1/2 year: 30
  6. H index for styles from 56 to 58! - 1/2 year: 56,5 need to drink more kellerbier and flavored porters
  7. Faros to 10, currently at 7 (keeper): 1/2 year: 7, one will be consumed this this weekend
  8. Regions from 110 to 115 (keeper) – currently 114. - 1/2 year: 324 regions, zzzz

3 out of 8;) - so far…


2021 goals:

  1. Get at least one new country tick. This is going to be tough for me, given that I have pretty much no travel plans, and I exhausted commercially available beers in NYC.
  • got a new country tick in the fridge
  1. Clear 100 rates of at least 2 of these states: Ohio, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, or Delaware. Wisconsin beers seem to be popping up a lot more, especially on the online sellers, so I should get a bunch of these almost by osmosis (in that my friends will toss be extras).
  • got 100 NH and thanks to @Drake will almost certainly clear 100 from Wisconsin
  1. Finally visit 18th Ward Brewing and Torch and Crown.
  • failure so far
  1. Organize more outdoor shares to help me get through my dangerously large stash of bottles.
  • was on a good run but there are probably 15 bottles in my house meant to be split 3 ways still
  1. Convince someone to bring me back beers from Ukraine. Definitely this is a possibility. I also assume I will get at least one Russian shipment.
  • looks like the Ukrainian beers will happen. Russian beers already did
  1. Raise my daughter (currently 5-month old) to be a doppelbock girl.
  • so far successful. The presence of bocks in the house is helpful for development.

This is what I wrote in the original thread.

All bets are off for 2020, as like most of us it’s been a nightmare on all counts, not just on beer consumption and travel, but our whole lives.

I was in Orange County, California at the start of 2020 and managed to get across to Brugge in February and that’s it travel wise apart from a single weekend in Chester, otherwise it’s been Shropshire all year.

As for 2021. I want to stay healthy and drink good beer, not a bad goal to set!

Managed to meet those two goals so far.



As an aside to the non-travel bit.

We have been trying to get back to California since Nov 2020 and have had three flights so far where we couldn’t fly, our fourth attempt will be on 26th July. Our second Granddaughter was born on 28th Nov 2020 and we haven’t seen her in the flesh yet.



2021 Goals
Try lots of unique New England breweries
:+1: didn’t realize I was moving near such great beer stores I’ve grabbed plenty.
Get to 100 rates in NH, RI, & CT
:+1: this past weekend finished
Get to top 50 MA raters
:+1: not a lot of local raters unfortunately
Progress on getting beer and non beer styles to 10 of each. Was at 15 of every beer style and few sakes away prior to big style additions. Won’t achieve but maybe get halfway
:+1: I ve gotten quite a bunch. I know hopped ciders and Sake Koshu and Futsu. Had a gruit and some more beer too. No new Kvass yet.
Try an ice perry
:-1: nope no real leads either
Get a few more beer countries
:+1: grabbed 2 unexpected Albania and Luxembourg


1. Get all Nebraska beers verified and up to date.

2. Get all my backlogged place ratings entered.
8 left. Trying to get most of them done today. “Done”

3. Maintain my 600+ rates a year pace.
2021 is looking as bad as 2020 for me. I’ll be happy if I end up with 300 rates this year.

4. Meet at least 1 new Ratebeerian. Still the best part of the site. Met some really great ones in 2019!
Still haven’t met anyone new this year. Was hoping to contact some of the SW Ohio crew during my Dayton trip but ended up getting sick.

5. Complete 1 big trade for things that have been long time wants not just any old beer.
Done. Made 2 trades this year.

6. Get to 60 countries (Need 6 more).
Still need 1.

7. Try all Nebraska breweries.
Breweries keep popping up out of nowhere. This is a goal that simply won’t be accomplished unless I want to take some time off and put miles on my car to visit some locations I have no desire to go to.

8. Hit 4,000 total rates.
Got this done back in Feb. I’d like to hit 4,300 at this point. Would shoot for 4,500 but with another year and no beer fests in sight, that won’t be doable for me.

9.Hit 1,000 Nebraska rates.
Still need 32. Easy enough.

10. Convince friends/people to join Ratebeer instead of Untappd.
Done. Got 3 friends to join but they don’t rate.



Drink some more

Laugh once in a while & lose count

Rate a cider from every state
barely trying at this point


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