1/2 check 20’

Better to check early vs stats. Link to the goal setting: 2019 Goals Review & Beer goals for 2020? For the decade?Link


Here u go:

  1. One White calendar month // Done
  2. 200 countries currently at 192 // 194, a few in the fridge so possible
  3. 400 Swedish breweries currently at 377 // 385 on the way
  4. Average 3,29 to 3,31 // At 3,3 :wink:
  5. H index for countries from 27 to 32 (keeper) // 28 one more Russian to reach 29
  6. H index for styles from 52 to 56 // 55 at the moment, on the way.
  7. Faros to 10, currently at 7 (keeper) // 7 still, don’t see how this will happen
  8. Regions from 110 to 115 (keeper) // 110 still, don’t see how this will happen either ;(

// Cheers :beers: again

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2020 Beer Goals:

1000 new ratings - Sitting at 933 so should finally make a year with 1K rates finally
Rate 25 new countries - I’ve been on a roll, but can’t remember where I sat starting the year?
Rate 35 new places - Sitting at 23, could still happen
Attend 5 beer events - Hit 2 before the lockdown, doesn’t seem doable now
Meet 10 new RateBeerians - Met 3 new RBians, this one is a long shot now
Hit top 10 in Suffolk (need 202) - Still not in the top 50, but closing in at a slow pace

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Great - how is it possible to drink so many beers with all places been down, no beerfestivals etc?

// Thomas

Lots of money spent to keep beer shops, Cloudwater, and locals alive. Plus trading helps too, but I did have huge Jan-Mar before the lockdown, which gave me a good base.


I’m down 25 lbs and still crush dank af hazies on the reg.

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No goals set by me, although 140 countries is still a block at the moment, although @minutemat has a new African beer for me (from @Grumbo).

Cancelled trips to Ireland, Germany, Brugge, Hull and the RB Gathering at Cotteridge has obviously not helped with my beer drinking and the virus ‘Lock In’ has taken it’s toll on us all.

I am also trying to lose 10% of my weight without cutting any body parts off. So have had 63 days without alcohol as of 1st July, heading towards a personal best since records began (currently @ 105 for a year).

I hope all those that did set themselves targets manage to reach some of them, but it’ll be difficult this year.



It’s actually Blaka stout from French Guiana, South America. Looking at your other “nil point” countries, I’ll soon be opening a can of Skopsko IPL from North Macedonia which I see you and @minutemat both need so I will send some to him in next box to share.


2020 Goals
Rate Place in new state - not yet should of got WI and MD but COVID canceled plans

Continue trying to nab new breweries currently at 27% ratio would like to get this to 30% or 2k breweries by 6k ratings. - been nabbing new breweries but just lost my job that sent me to Northen Ireland which will hurt this goal

Get a few new beer countries on way towards 100 - none yet no leads

Sad state of affairs

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My main 2020 goals were:

Get to 100 in each (achievable) English county - completed that in February.

Get to 210 countries. Started year at 205, got 206, with 207 in the fridge and should have got to 210 in May but a trip to Belarus to meet @mtitov (who has 3 for me) was obviously corona-cancelled.

Get to 20 CAMRA beer festivals. Started well with 5 in Jan/Feb. Would now be happy just to get to 6…

Add 100 place rates. Started well with 34 prior to second week of March…

And get the H index for countries to 40. It’ll be 36 once I can get to the Mexican beer I have in stock but then it’ll be difficult as apart from Norway on 30 with 10 in stock nothing else is over 20.


200+ countries is insane :clap: