100 beer club


I love stumbling across old beer sites. Congrats to all of us who have logged more than 100 beers and is member of this exclusive club.


878th. Lol.

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Now where is my crown?

I’m still top 100, at 98 and slipping down

:laughing: Though, this page has the same data (and includes a Country flag for each rater).

I am actually only 4 ratings left to make it into the Top500 :))

Used to be able to hover around 300. Now I’m at #622.

The thread about cgarvieuk reaching 30,000 got me curious about the old top 100 lists. I looked up the top raters list from the week I joined. Ungstrup with 9,126! And I thought those numbers were crazy back then. I’m currently at #520 with 3,989 rates.


That still seems like a crazy number to me! #622 here with 3,344. The interesting part of the table where some days I will move up several places, other days I don’t move at all. I literally just passed @DrnkMcDermott who posted above you :slight_smile:

Sitting at 693 now. Slowly continue my way up. But I’ve slowed down a bit myself. I suspect I’ll be in the Top 500 in about 18 months or so. I’ll never be in the Top 100. Honestly my ultimate goal is 10K + OT which by that point will probably be Top 250.