100 Best Beer Days Out in the UK

I need to get to more of these places.

The most regular one outside of London has been Brum thanks to work and a couple of Cotts. Will be in Brum for two days next month. Am now in a team with a colleague from Brierly Hill who is into beer so we were planning to arrange for some trips up there. Although my colleague then got carried away and decided to tell our manager that the whole team should reallygo up there. Not sure if we’ll get to the pubs I was planning on visiting but will ask for a late train back on the Friday. Interested to note that the new North Tap is about 5 minutes from the office.

And having been saying it for years now but one day I will actuallt go back to Hull for the first time since I graduated.

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Now I am home I will take some time and read through the 100 properly.

Cheers Glen for doing this and thanks to all who added their four pennies worth.