100 today

Yes, 100 days this year where I haven’t had an alcoholic drink (out of 340). Trouble is I have drank like a fish on the other 240!



Impressive. Similar stats, I suspect, my days on have increased in consumption though, as you also comment.

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Stretch it out lads. Heavy days can be damaging.


I had a few on Monday night (2 liters) and felt like shit Tuesday. I seldom drink weekdays now. This also posses the issue of my ever growing cellar. Moderation can be good.

I have been trying to moderate a bit with some (flexible) ‘rules’ - I’ve been trying not to drink on more than two consecutive days and have been managing 3 days off a week, most weeks. When I do drink I’ll usually have only one beer. The problem I have is with holidays (had nine days away in Wales recently and only managed one non-drinking day) and Christmas - I’m likely to drink on 6 of the next 7 days with various social activities planned.

100’s impressive. Not sure I could manage 10. But I do like a final tipple late in the evening as I unwind.

Drinking one beer a day 4 days a week, would make you a very light drinker in my view. On the days I drink, normally 4 days a week, I would drink 3 or 4 strong ones. But I do really enjoy it.

Been having more weeks and clusters of days off this year so I can focus on doing things in the evening. I don’t feel any different, healthier etc… But I do appreciate the beer more after a few days off.

Well done Jeremy. If it works for you then good on ya.