100th Day of 2021 (10th April)

Posted a similar topic 50 days ago.

I am still trying to keep my drinking to only three days per week and have almost managed it with 51 days without alcohol out of the 100.

251 beers rated in the 49 days of imbibing, so not too bad.

Fallen down to 100Kg, but can’t seem to lose anymore at the moment, need another push with some common sense in my eating, drinking and exercise.

Car has been to Stafford railway station twice since the 50th day, so it’s well been used now!


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I’ve done okay for beers, considering I can’t go to the pub. 118 in 100 days, so a bit more than one per day. This time last year I had 153 so still a bit low but that was due to COVID already taking its toll.

Place rates have pretty much stopped altogether obviously (I think I enjoy place rating more than beer rating so this has massively sucked). This time last year I already had 37 place rates from 6 different counties. This year: one (and 3 in total in the past 12 months).


26 rates to date, which is even slower going than last year. Have walked almost 400 miles though… maybe I need to start measuring my miles per beer ratio!


178 which I guess is a decent amount.

Would have been more but what I was really busy in Jan/Feb there were a few days where I took a few beers out and then only had one.

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253 beers up until 10th April

12 place ratings (mostly online retailers of course) with 2 more to add

Re: Weight, the lowest has been 73.6kg but it is more usually hovering around 74-75kg, so having lost about 10-11kg since January last year, I have managed to keep it off quite comfortably. Still walking every lunchtime 3-4km and using the indoor bikes for spinning.

Re: Beer drinking and days off, I generally try for 3 days of no drink per week Mon-Wed, I would say it has been more like 2 a week with the occasional 3 days off.

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