105 days as of today without a milkshake IPA

I’m doing pretty good on recovery guys, I should get a badge for reaching 100 days. Always have to fight the ticker’s temptation to slide backwards…


Doesn’t count until its been a year.


The danger is I’ve got one in my cellar I think that’s only getting better with age :rofl:

Probably have to pawn it off onto @radagast83 @nimbleprop and @beastiefan2k at next tasting this weekend


Just checked and it’s been 404 days for me. Once I got style over 20 Never revisited, all of last year free and clear. However I am trying to try as many styles as possible this year so will be picking one up soon.

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You should get a 100-day lactose mint chocolate chip.



I’m a masochist I guess, trying to get 50 of every style.

You need to stockpile them (taste better aged or even frozen), then drink them all in one go to pass the threshold (I wouldn’t recommend sharing, as it will count as a great accomplishment if you do it yourself).

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Haha. An eis-bocked milkshake IPA… sounds like a desert. @Travlr used to eisbock rare country ticks in his freezer for future tastings. Junky lagers from around the world, frozen…

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