10k goes to totally not a Dutch guy

Ted-Jan Bloemen is a super standard name around here. Go Canada, best long distance skating country in the world! :smirk:


Congrats to TJ Flowers!

Grote klasse van Kramer hoe hij zich gedraagt na de finish. Een groot kampioen (alleen niet op de 10k :P)

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So I guess skating is the preferred method of transportation over there?


TJ Flowers! :star_struck:

If it allows you to travel 10k in less than 13 minutes I can’t see why you wouldn’t. Say no to drunk driving, skate instead

Our youngest princess broke her wrist skating today. So be careful.

Edit: last Sunday actually, but it only broke the news today.

That was painful to watch… A bit like not qualifying for a major football tournament. If only we knew how that felt…

So, @JulienHuxley, Canada up for gold at ice hockey?

My money is on the Russians or the Swedes.

I thought this thread was about someone rating 10K and not being from Northern Europe.


Not if Czech Republic keeps beating us