10k is coming

Any suggestions on what I should rate?

Something… good?
Something… bad?

The one thing I don’t want is a long backlog, so it’s going to be happening in the next week or two. Anyone have any milestone beers they might suggest I look for?

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Just make sure it’s one you’ll always remember

And don’t be upset if in the future a past beer is merged and throws your 10k count off … :slight_smile:

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Mine seems to have shifted by more than 5 beers.

Maybe Ocelot’s forthcoming 4th anniversary beer, Soul Kitchen?

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So you guys are telling me this is the beer I should be drinking for 10k?


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Well, at least you’d likely remember it!

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And probably always wishing I could forget it!

Unless… I actually like it? :thinking::grimacing:

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Or drink whales for your last 5 in case those beers do get merged


Congrats on 10K, Chris!


Congrats man! What about the rest of you guys? @GenDV138 ? @nimbleprop ? Is @DCLawyer going to get 10K ticks soon?

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Doubtful. I have moved on to bourbon.