12th Trappist brewery confirmed

It’s been talked about for quite a while… and involved around 5 years of research, and many months spent with all but one of the existing Trappist breweries, but Mount St Bernard in Leicester, UK has now officially been accepted as the 12th Trappist brewery, though they are yet to receive the ‘Authentic Trappist Product’ designation.

The beer will be ready in June and looks like it will be a 7.4% English old ale rather than a replication of existing Belgian-style Trappist beers.


Cool. There must be a historical brewing tradition in British churches to some degree

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Lovely style!


That’s actually a really interesting beer history question suitable for an expert like Martyn Cornell or Ron Pattinson.

What was the Catholic brewing tradition in England like before 1534? Was this impacted by the formation of the Anglican Church? Are there any records at all of beer styles or recipes dating from this time?


Damn ancient Protestants likely demolished all the breweries. And H VIII was taking off all the roofs. Likely a major disconnect.

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Run away; find beer; bring it back. Tho it is a long, long time line.

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Great news! Looking forward for their first Trappist beer and hoping that they will bring us real British style Trappist beers.

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