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142 Days of the year gone already!

How is your year going? Beer and otherwise.

I have rated 499 new beers to me so far in 2019 and reviewed 33 different places.

Attended beer festivals only three times and been to three local ‘beer exchanges’ (fourth on Sunday).

Life is good and I am happy, lots planned for the rest of the year, beer related and not. Miffed I can’t make Cotteridge this year, but apart from that all is well.

Cheers everybody.



I have rated 367 Beers in 2019 so you are well ahead of me. However a bit better on the places front with 51 place reviews thus far and a few more still to add.

I’ve been to just one small beer festival this year that, which was in München that @SinH4 alerted me to, other than that I think moving has slowed things down a little for us at this time though I think that we are starting to pick up the pace again now.


Only 314 beers for me, but 65 new places (including my first Bermondsey run, a honeymoon in Liverpool and an ill-advised jaunt to Worksop, which I found a richer seam than I’d imagined). Good times.

Edit: as of 24 May, 69 places…

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Powering through so far… 599 beers / 53 places. And this despite taking more days / weeks off than I can remember in the past 7 years.

At the start of this year I made the decision to visit more historic pubs in Shropshire and surrounding counties, and still a lot more on the visit list. Added a few ‘classic’ pubs so anyone who hasn’t visited Shropshire for a while may spot a few new ones.


630 beers and 52 places.

Wow didnt expect that many beers, but well the move to Berlin pushed both numbers a lot.
Several festivals while working (so mostly free beers), hunting down Berlin, a trip to Dresden helped a lot.


465 new beers for me, 3 new beers a day, very slow by last year’s standard. But quite happy where I am at the moment. Haven’t been to Bermondsey in far too long. Might go tomorrow morning. Been doing cycling and working.
10 new places rated.
Just got back from Sofia where I scored a Serbian tick.
Ashford has improved. Got 5 winners last night in just one pub.

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Forgot to add I have had 42 days without any alcohol so far this year also (that’s 2 days a week).


1255 new beers for me thus far and 67 new places rated. Still more to do.


666 ratings so far in 2019, #44 in raters of the year list at the moment, and 42 places. To get to those numbers, 9 festival visits (at least one each month) and afew trades & sample swaps (cheers Graham in particular! @Grumbo).


I do similar, usually Mon,Tues and Weds but occasionally it’s only the first two days

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Same, I try for dry Monday, Tuesday and Weds, probably done an impressive plus 40 days with no beer and currently standing at 321 beers for the year so far

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Up to 101 beers for the year, so on for my usual just over 200 for the year.

No place ratings yet, but have a backlog of half a dozen that I need to get round to entering.

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367 beers rated. That includes the first 20 from Helsinki but still have a backlog of the remaining 30 or so.

Some of my place ratings are more historical in nature, must be something like 10 new places.

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3 beer festivals here in Copenhagen over the last 6 weeks (including countless TTO’s) mean i have a massive backlog to add to the 1000+ beers already added. Also need to get some place ratings down as been slack on that. Feeling ticked out, so going to seriously slow down over the second half of this year to compensate (apart from a few trips planned back to the UK) :slight_smile:


Just dropping this here as a reminder! :smiley:


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Just cleared my backlog of 50 beers. Took 4 hours. Tracking some of those Bulgarian beers was a bugger

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Update: it’s now day 208 of the year and the end of week 30.

Still happy and drinking (sometimes a little too much).

732 new beers so far in 2019, small backlog of around 15 from the Shrewsbury beer festival to be added. Bottle share with @minutemat and friends on Monday, another 15 or so new rates most likely.

62 days of the 208 have been alcohol free, on track to beat last years 104 alcohol free days.

Life’s good.


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Another update: 261st day of the year, only 104 left.

79 alcohol free days so far in 2019 in 38 weeks, so still managing around two per week.

928 new beer rates (been busy with trips since July), place reviews also rising well, now at 73 for the year.

Life is still good.


571 beers, 102 places, not even the end of September yet. I’m happy enough with that.

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686 beer ratings for the year, which is a little bit behind where I normally am. However a tasting with the München RB crew at our gaff this weekend should put me back on track.

78 place ratings so far for the year. I’m a little disappointed with this total also as I’d intended breaking back into the top ten place raters. I did briefly go level with Ruth (Boudicca) who is in tenth, for about 24 hours but she then turned on the style and added her backlog of ratings and left me for dust. However I have a number of place ratings in my backlog so should easily clear 100+ for the year.

We try to do three alcohol free days a week (Mon-Wed) and whilst we do achieve that quite often, we have also dipped at times. I suspect I’m regularly achieving two but three days only 1-2 times a month. So I suspect around 80+

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