16 Mile

Apparently closing shop this weekend. Never was a fan but hate to see another small brewery close. :v:t2:

Just had one of their beers and was not impressed. Seems like they were out of date kind of…

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Based on the one beer I had I am not surprised

Market place is starting to become more competitive and you need to stand out. Hopefully with quality of product but being out of touch doesn’t help.

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That kind of sucks. Their stuff in distribution was never great (at least from my memory), but I had a good time at their taproom the two times I made it out there (once in the winter, and once in the middle of summer). Their draft-only, brewery-only stuff was decent, at least in the 2014-2015 timeframe.

Yeah. That’s what I heard from a friend on the DBX. Hard to believe but if y’all say so it must be true.

Just cracked their watermelon beer I’d bought for my wife to see if it would break my top rating of their beer at 2.4. Nope. Came in at a 2.3 for me. I’ll pour the rest out on the pavement in respect for the dead.

Nevermind, my mother in law likes it.

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Looks like their space will be used by a much more interesting brewer.