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16 years today!


Yes it is. 16 years of fun and beer! Made a lot of friends and probably pissed off more. Watched people come and go. Watched this site crash several times just to see it resurrected once again. This site has been a daily ritual for me all this time as well. Would be lost with out it. Many thanks to joeT and all the admins for the hard work they do here. Props to all the old schoolers who are still kickin it and the young bloods for keeping it alive in more ways than one. I guess my only claim to fame here is being in the top 50 traders since I began. That’s all I got. A little over 3000 rates is rookie poop but I’m still proud of them. I love my RateBeer. Best beer enjoyment site on the internet webs. Thanks for yer time. Enjoy1! Bert


How was it sixteen years in?



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This is the positive attitude we need.

rookie poop

That rocks!

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Old af




congrats. Thats way early doors :smiley:

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16 years, well done old boy.

PS.Bert, my dog is called Bertie.




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Nice to see another Olde Tymer…15 and a bit myself…only 2800 plus rates, but they were all at least 12oz


big ups!!

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Congrats, new member :wink:

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Congrats on the 16th. I seldom post or trade anymore but do use Beermal and put in a beer or place rating once in a while. Actually what I do most is add pictures and new brews… Glad to see you’re still going!


Congrats! I’m just passed 15-1/2. I keep meaning to have a beer from around 2003 on my anniversary, but keep forgetting.


I am also sweet 16. Time flies!


here’s looking atchah! :+1:




Cheers to the next 16 years

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Happy Anniversary my friend!

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