16th to 18th FEB ... Midlands Movements

As this is little over 6 weeks away now I thought I’d share some plans a few of us have for the Thursday/Friday/Saturday on the dates above.

Thursday 16th
I’m planning to get to Birmingham around 1100/30 then head down to Worcester for an afternoon/early evening crawl there … back to Birmingham maybe 1900/2000 for a curry and then some city centre bars

Friday 17th
CAMRA winter ales fest at Burton … probably head over there for 1200 or whenever opening is
Head back to Birmingham for a few late ones … maybe break away from Burton 2000 or so

Saturday 18th
Birmingham crawl … meet at Briar Rose / Wellington then head to H&T and Digbrew (will reserve a table for pizza) … then back to town. Reckon we will hit Burning Soul as both visits last year we failed due to 1. getting all the way there to find it closed due to Covid and 2.) timing out

Not sure there’s much to add … feel free to join us for some, all, or stay at home / go elsewhere


Saturday sounds interesting and possible for me, train strikes and general milieu of life stuff permitting.

I arrive in Birmingham on the Wednesday. Happy to join the Worcester crawl on Thursday. Will be in Birmingham until Monday (typical schedule for an OAP).
Considering Sheffield before or after Birmingham, open to further suggestions.

Hmmm. I have a plan to visit that area around Feb-March. My 1st idea was Dublin and Belfast. And if I can’t get normal price tickets then some new counties in England. Birmingham, Staffordshire, Worcestershire would all be new to me.
Getting there probably won’t be as easy as I would like, but you made me think!

Heard that Dig Brew has closed or is closing although yet to hear this confirmed from the brewery.

Bad Seed going as well.

I noticed they opened a tiny (and I mean THE tiniest) bar opposite new st station last Summer, also selling ice cream. Was never bowled over by their beer. I might be wrong but I think they were taken over by the current owners, just before the re-brand. Obv sad to see a brewer go, but never felt they got into their stride.

Sad about Bad Seed. Used to always look out for their beers in my early days of beer discovery.

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Count me in (Friday and Saturday). Any rough idea of the itinerary/places we will visit on saturday during the Birmingham Crawl?

Regarding the travel, I read that there is a train strike in the UK. Should I buy the train tickets now or wait a couple of weeks? Any suggestions?

full itinerary as follows:
Wednesday: Stansted - Cambridge - Oakham - Leicester
Thursday: Leicester - Derby - Burton
Friday: Derby - Burton
Saturday: Derby - Birmingham
Sunday: Birmingham - London - Gatwick


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Itinerary loosely as i posted above … digbrew sadly gone so will work out a tweak

As for train strikes… nothing on our dates presently … 14 days notice required

If nothing announced in 8 days time we should be good