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18000 people are terminated in various venues


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It appears that the local Old Chicago is safe:

I just got this message:

JRG the owner of the Casper store is separate from the others. It is not owned by Rock bottom

In the UK the owner of the Wetherspoons pubchain told his staff he was letting them go and they should go get jobs at Tesco.

There’s a reason he’s known as one of the biggest cxnts in the country.

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Cunt ?

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Yeah but don’t know what the rules are on here.



When you’ve been banned from the Farnborough FC fans forum for arguing with a Godalming Town fan you learn not to fuck with the people who moderate non-league football forums. I imagine that the same sort of people moderate beer forums. And I’ve tried to grow as a person.


I’m a forum moderator !

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Godalming cunts !

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Are we finally turning the corner?

Bit late to this thread but… Farnborough Fuckers

Balance applied…

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