19 years on RB

Which is what linked in just informed me regarding @joet


Joet did not except my LinkedIn friend request. Of course I didn’t mention how he would have known me

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Well, I wouldn’t either. I don’t log in or do anything on linked in - I do read emails!

Yea I don’t really use much either but my new job had us update on first day and he showed in my feed. But yes I don’t accept from folks I don’t know either just thought funny

And what a ride it’s been! After working in startups where companies mostly just come and go, I’d never imagined I’d have worked this long at any company, much less one that I helped create. Thanks for all the years you’ve been here with me and for making RateBeer the honest, friendly and thoughtful place it’s been. Cheers!


On June 9th. :slight_smile:

Wow! :beers::beers: