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2 New Forums categories needed


Please add those 2 Forums:

Mobile App bugs/feedback
Website bugs/feedback


Wouldn’t a “feedback” category make most sense, with sub-fora “website bugs”, “app bugs”, “forums” (as we have a forum feedback forum already), and perhaps “usernames” and similar for the commonly seen nonsense, and even “place corrections”, “beer corrections”, as we currently have several threads like that in the main fora).


Yeah it would. Which is why one doesn’t exist.


I’d like a Southeast and Northeast regional forum for US. Currently only mid Atlantic part of eastern seaboard covered, over a thousand miles and probably 1,000 breweries not being discussed.

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How’s the activity on the current regional forums? In the US in particular. Colorado is a hotbed of “craft” beer and all I heard there was a deafening silence. Shrugs.

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It’s dead in the Quebec forum too

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