20,000 mile journey



I really like inspiring trips like this!

Great selection at the northernmost “pub” in the world.


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I love crazy trips like this as well although did it say he stopped at other pubs along the way or anything?

It took him 7 months, so I think he may have had a bevvy somewhere on route!


@travlr1, fancy something similar?


sure. I’ve never even been to South America, so that might be a good place to start.

but I’ve been averaging 100k miles per year. so I do 5 of this guy’s trips annually. he’s got some work to do

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I think the thing I love the most about this, a drive that would have been a pretty epic quest in general, is that he did it in a bloody TVR!

What kind of travlr are you? I defiantly want to go since both my hobbies work well in South America. My cousin visited a brewpub in trek to machu pichu. Here are a few articles on scene to wet your whistle.

Nice. I was supposed to go to Brazil to brew some collabs with Sebastian Sauer of Freigeist but I couldn’t get the time off work. Now that I’m retired I should try again. For the rest of the continent, though, I’m handicapped because I don’t speak Spanish.

Read this the other day. Very inspiring & got me back into ‘road trip’ mode. Drove to Mongolia via Iran in 2008, done UK to Tallinn and back in a week, did Ukraine and back for the Euros. Only that was before i got married! The great thing about convincing my wife to go somewhere is to show her a great wildlife / nature documentary about the region, and im almost there with south America! She saw videos of horses native only to Turkmenistan yesterday so that could be my chance to re-visit this bizarre country & travel the mountain roads of Tajikistan which i missed last time.

That’s my dream.