200th Day of the Year (Saturday 18th July)

100 Days ago I posted this: 100th Day of the Year; 9th April

I said I’d revisit today to see what would change.

70 Days now without alcohol in the year, a rise from 32% to 35% (38 days since the 100th).

In the 130 days I have had alcohol my rates have reached 517 (210 in the last 100 days).

18 Place reviews (4 in the last 100 days).

Hope to increase my alcohol free days percentage wise closer to 50%.

Expect my yearly rating total to be around 850/900 and my place reviews to stay very low.


100th Day:
502 beers entered/27 in backlog
Events: Attended 2 before lock down (MBCF and GBBF Winter)
Place: 10 visited 2020/11 entered from backlog

200th Day:
1000 beers entered (first time hitting 1K in a year)/49 in backlog
Events: Two tastings, no official events
Places: 3 visited/2 online stores
Ive drank less at home weekdays again since going back to working in the office full time.


Well it’s a miserable day, and I’m bored, so

Days 1-100

Beers rated 100
Beers drunk 241
Places Rated 14
Average Beer size 0.61
Days without alcohol 34

Day 101-200

Beers rated 84
Beers drunk 86
Places Rated 2
Average Beer size 0.75
Days without alcohol 53

Working out actual number of places visited is too difficult !

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I’ve only had 394 beers this year. Would have been over 500 if various events had not been cancelled due to lockdown. Think I’m going to have to pick up cheap supermarket beers that I’m not bothered about pouring away to boost my numbers.

By day 100: 153 beers, 37 places.
By day 200: 245 beers, still 37 places. Fucking Leicester.

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463 beers so far this year. 70 days without alcohol. Should still break 800 to 850 new beers this year

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458 up until Sat 18th July
Projected total 825
70 alcohol free days
41 place rates, but 10 of these added in July with more to add.
On the plus side lost 9kg since January

Well done on the weight loss mate, I wish I could lose that much. I am on ‘Operation 10%’ at the moment, trying to get rid of 10.6 Kg (which is 10% of my mass). Lost 4 Kg so far.


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