2019 Beer Goals + Year in Review

These were my 2018 goals:

20 countries with 100+ ratings: I’m going to be a bit more humble this year and hope that I can maintain the same pace in 2018 as I did in 2017. I have a few countries that I can safely get over the line next year: :czech_republic: Czechia (70), :estonia: Estonia (87), :hungary: Hungary (81), and :portugal: Portugal (68). I’m going to Hungary in the spring and the other three should be easy to accomplish once I move back to Amsterdam. Beyond that, I know of a couple of events coming up in Brussels next year that should give me some help on countries like :lithuania: Lithuania, Scotland, and :serbia: Serbia.

Swing and a miss. I managed to reach 17 countries with 100 or more ratings with a few new additions this year: :czech_republic: Czechia (100), :estonia: Estonia (104), :hungary: Hungary (120), and Scotland (103). I made significant progress on a few countries, including :ireland: Ireland (92; almost!), :switzerland: Switzerland (61), and :albania: Albania (16, though I don’t think the country even has 100 beers to rate at this point).

Reach 115 countries: I have no idea how the hell I’m going to manage this one, but I managed to overshoot this year’s goal by eight. I’ve reigned in my goal a bit from the pace I had this year, but why not, eh?

Not even close. I’m stuck on 98, which means that I didn’t manage to rate a single new country in 2018.

Enter the top ten in the country h-index: I loved this stat when I first read about it and find that I sit in 31st place at 27 countries with 27+ ratings. I have the second-lowest number of ratings on the top 100 list from that thread, so it’s pretty easy for me to climb up the rankings. As it stands, I only need to get that number up to 35. Easy!

Also no movement here, as I’m stuck on 27 countries, which puts me in 31st on the original post about the country h-index.

Now for my 2019 goals!

  • Reach 20 countries with 100+ ratings: No point in stretching myself beyond last year’s goal. I will definitely get :ireland: Ireland (92) there and I think I could potentially get :switzerland: Switzerland (61) there, too. I’m planning a lengthy visit to :slovakia: Slovakia (15) in the spring for about a month, so that should also be possible, and the lady and I have been discussing a trip to :jp: Japan (44) later in the year that would hopefully get that country across the line, too.
  • Reach 30 countries on the country h-index: I’m currently sitting at 27 with a few countries that are in prime position to help boost my score (:australia: Australia, :finland: Finland, :iceland: Iceland, :lithuania: Lithuania, :new_zealand: New Zealand, Wales) as long as I play my cards right.
  • Reach 100 countries rated: I was excessively ambitious about this last year, so I think it would just be nice to finally get into the triple-digit klube.
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This year, I’ve hit the 2000 rating for Quebec beers.

Here are my tops and lows in 2018;

Favorite beer: Stone City Ales Chloe

Not so much: Le BockAle Découverte

Favorite place (first visite): Les Insulaires - Microbrasseurs

Never going back: La Voie Maltée (Chicoutimi)

For 2019, it’s the start of only rating places. I kind of got tired of rating beers, it’s not as fun as it used to be, it feels more like a task. Many of the people I know have stop rating altogether, so I felt kind of alone at most beer events (especially festivals). Plus every year for the last half decade, there is about 10 new breweries opening or more in Quebec, making it harder to follow. So after noting my last of 2018 ( Oshlag Stout Caramel Salé), I’ll just going to enjoy (or not) what ever I’ll drink starting January First, 2019.

  1. Done. Met more rbeerians, and just some other nice beer-y people.
  2. Done. Traveled to Prague, so doing a lot of polotmavys was easy. 14 of each style at the moment, Faro being the lowest.
  3. Done. Only 4 styles left under 20.
  4. Failed. Still missing Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, Rhode Island, West Virginia. Didn’t put big effort into it, so no surprise here.
  5. Total failure. I rated way more than last year, partly because of more traveling.

2019 goals:

  1. Rate less. 2018 was way too crazy. I’m not sure this will happen because I have already bought tickets for 3 different festivals, including MBCC, but this is the main aim.
  2. Travl to at least 3 new EU capitals.
  3. Meet more rbeerians.
  4. Keep ticking hard to get styles. At the moment 17 styles have less than 30 ratings, I will try to get it down to 12. If the style change should finally happen, then will try to get 10 of every style.
  5. Secondary goal: get 5 more counties ticked (at the moment 105) and get 4 new countries ticked (at the moment 106).

As for 2018 Goals
Get 10 of every non-beer style repeat goal - Nope got a few but Florida sucks for Sake
Get to 90 countries I’d really like 100 but not really feasible - Complete got 91 countries
Get to 100 regions - No stuck at 99
Not really 2018 goal but rate beer from 1250 unique breweries before I hit 5k total rates. - 2 new breweries away and way short of 5k so easy

2019 Goals
Get to #2 of unique Florida Breweries
Get 15 of every beer style - only one Faro away after a surprising fall
Get 10 of every non-beer style - will be tough but at least make progress
100 regions - only one away, I be in Northern Ireland this year maybe a new English county will be available
5K rates - this should happen no prob but was trying to time it to my exact 10yr RB anniversary but looks like i’ll be 2 months behind that at my normal rate

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2018 in Review:

I actually had no goals.After a couple of years of silence I started shyly to rate again. I only wanted to reach 1000 ratings by today and I managed to at the end of November. So pretty satisfied

2019 Goals

1 - Enjoy beers for the sake of it and not just to have a new rating
2 - Reach at least 100 rating for Belgium and England (it should be easy, since there are a lot of beers I had already but never rated)
3 - Keep on adding new places and beers to the database to keep RB the great site it is
4 - Try beers from new countries
5 - Manage to attend at least one beer festival


2018 goals

Ended up getting 25 new countries.

Didn’t reach this goal, but only 5 behind now. I preferred to focus on reaching 50 or 100 ratings for specific countries.

Didn’t have the opportunity to make this trip and didn’t add any rates. Still the biggest rater though.

2019 goals

  1. Find at least 10 new country ticks.
  2. Get to 100 ratings for the US and Czechia
  3. Find some more US and UK state/county ticks.
  4. Drink less beer overall.
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2019 Goals:

• 125 Countries – Currently at 112
• Improve German regions ratings – bring two more above 100 (currently at 5), bring the others up to 20
• 100 regions - currently at 91.
• 10 ratings for each style (10 missing) – wont get Polotmavy and Sahti but I try with the others.
• 400 place Ratings - currently at 303.
• Visit 2 new countries.
• Improve Ratings in my home Region (Rhineland-Palatinate). Currently at 453. This includes trying to get every brewey (53/74)
• Explore Berlin and surroundings. Visit all Berlin breweries and rate 1 of each. Currently at 35/77 breweries and at 132 rates.

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I am almost at 10k, I did hit the Schlenkerla Grand Slam this year (having all the seasonals from the wooden barrel at Schlenkerla in Bamberg), I have 10 of each styles (actually 12 if it weren’t for Malt Likkah), and 110 countries.

Goals for 2019: I didn’t think about that yet…

I’ve been very naughty in 2018, completely ignored my goals and promises to myself. i expect to be exactly the same in 2019.

I managed 104 days without alcohol in 2018 ( a new World Record since 1999), that’s 2 per week by the way!

Still ‘Top Dog’ in Shropshire, but didn’t do so well with new Regions or Countries.

Three beery trips to Germany pushed my ‘Place Review’ totals and ‘Regions visited’ up nicely and a few weeks in California helped my US rates rise a lot.

I just want the site to improve, survive and flourish in 2019, up to you @joet



Wow, didn’t do too badly with 2018 goals.

  1. I’ll almost certainly lose the top spot in Cambs, but I’m happy with getting into the top 50 of some more English counties. I added a few this year, let’s see what I can hold onto and improve upon.

Verdict: Complete. Sneaking into the top 50 of some of the more difficult English counties, and keeping the top spot in Cambridgeshire (although this will likely be due to others not completing their backlog)

  1. Get some more of the less common (for me) styles. Baltic porters and whatnot.

Verdict: Completed more or less, although the impending style shake up may or may not render this a bit redundant?

  1. Add at least 4 English counties and 1 new country (money allowing) to my place rates. I’m envisaging Zomerzet, Glos, Warks and possibly E Sussex.

Verdict: Exceeded. Got 5 new counties’ places rated (Somerset, Glos, Warks, Cheshire and Berkshire - the last due to an unexpected train diversion!)

  1. Finally do the Bermondsey mile (yes I know it’s a bit passé now but still…)

Verdict: Failed, just. Ive got 19 January pencilled in.

  1. Keep in the top 50 of place raters.
    Circumstances won’t allow me to travel as much as 2017 but I’d like to stay around where I am in the stats.

Verdict: Completed. Still just hanging in at 38.

  1. Drink better beer, as opposed to drinking for ticks quite as much. Order online more as opposed to going out.

Verdict: 50/50. I still go.on sessiond of mediocre beer now and again.

  1. Stay on RateBeer. It’s frustrating at times, but for me it remains the top beer logging/ticking/rating site by a country mile.

Verdict: I’m still here, but noticing the dwindling activity. :frowning:

  1. Drink no Greene King. Easier now that I’m no longer on their patch.

Verdict: Did it! No GK for this JJ!

Bonus: tried beer from 8 new states in 2018 (including two - Alaska and Alabama - in the last three days!). Also got a couple new Bundes-thingies.

Will think about my 2019 goals and post back.

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Last year I was deployed at the end of 2017, so I totally forgot to do 2018 goals. Somehow I almost hit 1,000 ratings in a year. Missed it by just around 50 (after tonight’s future rates).

With that said here are my 2019 Beer Goals:

  • 1000 new ratings
  • Complete all of the counties in England (5 left)
  • Attend 5 events
  • Write 20 new place reviews
  • Meet 12 new Ratebeerians (think I hit 6 or 7 this year)
  • Hit top 5 in Suffolk (Need 277 and probably need to drinking bunch Green King)

what are your 5 missing counties?

familiar suspects

at least you’ve taken down Worcestershire

Pencil in a day at the GBBF this year … you’ll take down 4 if not all 5

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I had a beer brewed by an Isle of Wright brewery, but for a brewery in another county. Was pretty bummed not to get that elusive one of as well.

This IoW beer turns up in farm shops/garden centres which stock The Garlic Farm products:



For East Yorkshire, Asda stock some Atom.

For Northumberland, Waitrose stock Allendale.


:heavy_check_mark: I’ve rated 1903 Spanish beers thanks to my last beer session two days ago

:heavy_check_mark: Done!! reaching 5110 beer ratings

:heavy_check_mark: Done!! with 108 countries rated and thanks to some trades

:x: Failed. Trades with UK Rbeerians should have been the solution

:x: Failed. Only 16. I should drink more different countries…

:x: Failed. With two sons is still complicated

:heavy_check_mark: Done with 9 trades: 2 x :es:, 1 x :finland:, 1 x :de:, 1 x :ru: (IP), 1 x :switzerland: , 1 x :uk:, 1 x :netherlands: and 1 x :sweden:

2019 Beer Goals:

  1. Rate 2200 Spanish beers. Actually I have 1903
  2. Reach 5600 ratings. Today I have 5110
  3. Reach 115 different countries. Today I have 108
  4. Reach 500 beers from :belgium: and :us:. Actually I have 479 and 405, respectively
  5. Complete 20 beer styles with +100 ratings. Today I have 14
  6. Reach 20 countries with almost 50 ratings (same as 2018 beer goals). Actually I have 16. Drink more from :poland:, :estonia:, :slovakia:, :czech_republic:, :israel:, :ireland:, :jp:, should be solution
  7. Attend to an European Beer festival (same as 2018 beer goals). I could attend to a Caminha beer festival in :portugal:
  8. Reach 90 different regions rated (same as 2018 beer goals). Actually I have 81
  9. Reach 230 places rated
  10. I’ll try to drink less than 2018
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2018 goals:
1. Get to 170 unique Countries. I’m currently at 150 with 5 new ones coming and two more very likely.
Status: Failed, but close. I’m at 165 with four new country ticks in my kitchen I haven’t ticked yet and another couple in the mail.
New goal for 2019: 185 countries. Shouldn’t be too difficult with all the trades I have in the works. I also want to finish ticking all the regions that have beer.

  1. Get to 20K beers.
    Status: Failed. I slowed down considerably this year. I only really tick during my weekly bottle share and visit a brewery maybe once or twice a month.
    New goal for 2019: Get to 20K beers

  2. Get to 2,500 Unique Breweries.
    Status: Achieved. No new goal for 2019

  3. Get Traditional Ale, Baltic Porter and Amber Lager over 100 rates.
    Get six new styles over 80 rates.
    Get nine new styles over 60 rates.
    Get nine new styles over 50 rates.
    Status: Mixed. I got Traditional Ale and Baltic Porter over the line. Not Amber Lager. I didn’t check the other lesser ones. I don’t care enough about this anymore, plus I don’t go to enough breweries to make this plausible.

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Rearview mirror:

1. Get as close to 1000 as possible - min. 850.

:ballot_box_with_check: Way past that. Wow. Kind of unexpected, but (2) has helped with this immensely.

2. Visit at least two festivals.

:ballot_box_with_check: Went to three festivals, met some more RBians from Austria.

3. Have at least 1 tick of each beer style + half of the Sake styles.

:negative_squared_cross_mark: Still haven’t really done this, but I prefer to get to it slowly, and not by just ticking. I do have two more styles lined up though. Sake was disregarded.

4. Get up to 50 countries.

:negative_squared_cross_mark: Similar to the above. I figured out that just ticking for the sake of it doesn’t do anything for me. I’d much rather get there naturally.

5. Get as many of the Austria Top 50 as possible.

:ballot_box_with_check: Wow, that’s not very specific. I’d say I managed to get there though. Have more than half, and some stronger entries are in my cellar. Gonna breeze by 40 this year.

6. Get as many of the Austrian Zwickel/Keller/Landbier as possible

:negative_squared_cross_mark: Didn’t manage to do this really. Lost track of it a little and just want to get there naturally, but a good ZKL is still something I seek out whenever I can.

3/6. Okay-ish, I guess? That I don’t really care about the ones I haven’t really fulfilled only kind of showed me that I need to set different goals.

So - what’s up in 2019?
My goals for 2019 will be a little different. As I don’t much care for reaching certain numbers just for the sake of it, I have decided on the following things I want to do:

  1. Visit more than two festivals this year and meet as many RBians as possible.
    I don’t like going to a festival and just tick like a crazy person, but I like trying new stuff and seeing what’s out there. For that, festivals visited with friends are great. And also meeting new friends at festivals! So I have at least three or four lined up - Craft Bier Fest Vienna once or twice, Bevog Who cares for beer Festival, Budapest Beer Week 2019. I’d love to share a glass whenever any of you are around!

  2. Do at least six trades, including Local Swaps and Secret Santas.
    I almost managed a trade each month of the year 2018. That’s wild and explains why my fridge and cellar are quite packed. Trades are lovely. The generosity of you folks can be almost too much, and I love it. I want to trade with at least three or four people I’ve already traded with in the last few years, but also get to meet new people and dive deeper into countries I’ve only touched lightly - or never - up until now.

  3. Get down to 100 beers in house - do more tastings! Host or visit at least six tastings this year.
    I currently have around 180 beers sitting here. That’s not good. I don’t want to have the pressure of having to open beers to do them and the people who traded them justice. I want to enjoy this, the subtle differences and big range of aromas, tastes and mouth feels, and not consume in a way that makes me a little uncomfortable. On the other hand, I also want to keep trading regularly and keep up with the new releases from the local scene.
    How do we go about this? More tastings. I’ve slowly met more and more lovely people who I feel comfortable with sharing an evening at home, talking beer and life. It’s lovely, helps manage stock and opens up whole new friendships. Sounds like a good idea, I’d say.

  4. Stay on top of the local scene and help connecting local beer people - do an event or two in the next year.
    I really want to get more involved with the rather fragmented local scene and help connecting the great people I’ve gotten to know a bit more. I’ve started doing social media stuff, but in the next months, this will translate into me hosting an event or two over the course of the year.

  5. Enjoy getting to 2000 - or not.
    Seriously, it would be great to get to taste as much lovely stuff as possible. There’s no point in forcing this though, and it’s alcoholic beverages. So I’ll pace myself, enjoy the ride, and hope to continue doing this with you.

Cheers to a good New Year, friends.