2019 Goals Review & Beer goals for 2020? For the decade?

Anybody have any specific beer goals for the new year, and maybe even the decade? Shooting to rate a certain number of beers for the year, or for all time? Hoping to try some new breweries? Add new states/countries to what you have tried?

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Surprised no one started it yet, so lets make it here with catching up on our 2019 goals:

How did your 2019 go and as @cybercat already asked: What are the 2020 goals or even decade goals?

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>2019 Goals:
BOLD =half-year in review

> • 125 Countries – Currently at 112
-> 114 countries, not going to happen without trading

  • 122 Countries. Happy with the progress, but its getting really tough now.

> • Improve German regions ratings – bring two more above 100 (currently at 5), bring the others up to 20
-> 6 >100 and one at 98. Only two below 20 left, upped all the others significantly. Need to visit Bremen or order Bremen beers.

  • 7 > 100 and all but two above 20. Thuringia at 18 and Bremen at 20.

> • 100 regions - currently at 91.
-> 94 regions with 2 UK waiting in the cellar. Tough.

  • 95 regions - the two UK still waiting as it is not my cellar but at a friends.

> • 10 ratings for each style (10 missing) – wont get Polotmavy and Sahti but I try with the others.
-> f*ck that. This is messed up now thanks to th new styles and NOT yet happened transcript moving beers.

  • still the same I guess? Due to the massive styles now not a goal anymore.

> • 400 place Ratings - currently at 303.
-> 369 with about 10-15 in backlog. Should be done end of year.

  • 409 place ratings!

> • Visit 2 new countries.
-> no new country yet, only revisits, and so far not planned.

  • Nothing new here.

> • Improve Ratings in my home Region (Rhineland-Palatinate). Currently at 453. This includes trying to get every brewey (53/74)
-> Lived in Berlin the first half so only up to 463. Will rise till end of the year. Maybe 500. No new brewery yet.

  • 520 ratings and 55/80 breweries. Couple more ready to rate. Need to visit the more out of the way breweries with a car anytime.

> • Explore Berlin and surroundings. Visit all Berlin breweries and rate 1 of each. Currently at 35/77 breweries and at 132 rates.
Got that well covered in the 6 months I lived there. 61/82 breweries, misisng ones mostly client brewers and very small ones with bad beer. 424 rates now so almost 300 new!

  • 462 ratings and 55/77 breweries (closed aren´t in the count as it seems and I cleaned up Berlin so thats the drop)

Overall I am quite happy. I spent way to much money again on this hobby, but well its part of the fun right? 2020 goals not set yet, not sure if I wanna focus on anything in particular than just continuing the goals above.




This is what I wrote last year and it’s about right!

I’ve been very naughty in 2018, completely ignored my goals and promises to myself. i expect to be exactly the same in 2019.

I managed 104 days without alcohol in 2018 ( a new World Record since 1999), that’s 2 per week by the way!

Still ‘Top Dog’ in Shropshire, but didn’t do so well with new Regions or Countries.

Three beery trips to Germany pushed my ‘Place Review’ totals and ‘Regions visited’ up nicely and a few weeks in California helped my US rates rise a lot.

I just want the site to improve, survive and flourish in 2019, up to you @joet


2019 has been a boozy year again, 105 Days without alcohol, a record since records began. Over 1250 new beers. Two trips to California, a cruise round the UK and a German road trip helped with both beer ratings and place reviews, Brugge was also hit in 2019. Monthly beer shares with @minutemat and three other friends has pushed my new breweries and overall rates up nicely too.

Getting more and more difficult to find new countries, 140 seems to be a brick wall for me, will keep looking though. 2020 will start in California followed by the Brugge Beer Festival early Feb and a visit to County Mayo in Ireland in April, Hull CAMRA Beer Festival in May and the annual RateBeerian meet at Cotteridge Wines should see me add a few more beers and breweries to my totals.

I still hope this site can grow again and thrive.



Ok. Here’s how I did for 2019 goals:

My Goals for 2019:

  1. Get to 900 place rates. I’m on 773, so this means I’d need 127 or just over 10 per month. I doubt I’m going to be able to do it, but I’m going to set this goal and see what happens…
  • Done. Easily. 929 places.
  1. Further to the above, gain place rates in at least 2 new UK counties and at least one new country.
  • Four new UK counties but no new countries. Drat.
  1. Do Bermondsey, Manchester and Liverpool (again) this year.
  • Yes, yes and yes.
  1. But also, really dig out some new places that are less well advertised on RateBeer. I need to get to the smaller towns that have undiscovered gems rather than rating quite so many tried and true urban craft beer monoliths.
  • Found some crackers in places like Belper, Ilkeston, Stone and Bolton. Not all of these were added, so I feel like I’ve done my bit for the database…
  1. Drink beer from 6 new countries, taking my total to 70, and get 1 more region from USA/Canada/Germany each.
  • At least two new states, but no new Canadian province or German Bundesland.
  1. Try 100 new breweries, at last 75 from the UK.
  • Not sure how I can check this stat. (I think by new I meant new to me…) Unlikely that I did it.
  1. Get my top 5 most rated breweries to be craft/micro only. Try to push breweries such as Greene King out of the top 10.
  • I don’t think my top ten have changed but they’ve moved around a lot. GK now down to fourth and Charles Wells unlikely to stay in top ten past spring.
  1. Stop drinking so many goddamn golden beers.
  • This, alas, I cannot do. They’re fucking everywhere.

2020 goals:

  1. Get to 1000 places. Yeah, I’ll do this by July.
  2. Add at least one new UK county and one new country visited, or three new UK counties.
  3. Drink more non-UK beers, or at least non-English. Looking at my stats, it’s just silly. And doing so would decrease the golden-ness of my beer intake.
  4. New US states? Bring it. I’m looking for five. Having US-heavy BrewDog in town helps.
  5. Since styles have gone a bit bonkers, I don’t feel up to a goal such as ‘X amount of this style’. Just more of what I like. Hit some strong fuckers (not just impy stouts), seek out some oaky browns, seek out some bocks.

First a review of my 2019 goals:

Maintain my Surrey position. Tick off more Big Smoke beers - they have a pub about 3 miles from me now but it in a great spot for public transport. Tick off Baears and Bondi breweries. If they’re both still around. Done - still #1 on beers and breweries and the same goes for cideries. All ticked, thanks to Baears and Bondi actually being based in London so getting booted out.

Work on Hampshire and Berkshire. Would need to double my ratings to get into top 5 and top 10 so don’t have particular targets. Will also concentrate on some of the better breweries: Double-Barrelled and Elusive from Berks and Unity and Redcat have from Hants. The last two Berkshire breweries are a supermarket and a brewpub so the first is easy but need an excuse to go up to Newbury. Done for Hants, in at #3 for beers and breweries. Fell short for Berks at #13. Joint 4th for breweries. A lot of beers from Siren, Elusive, Double-Barrelled, Unity and Vibrant Forest amongst others.

It’s just occured to me that Berks was particularly annoying. I had two breweries left to tick off and both were on at April’s Egham beer fest. However I was on holiday. Managed to tick off one of the two at November’s Egham but now 4 new breweries are on the block.

I crept into the top 50 for Dorset last year. My grandparents retired there and I always remember asking what the badger on my Grandfather’s sweater was. He explained that Badgers was his favourite brewery. So
will aim for more Dorset brews and a more Badgers even if it is twig juice. Done. Up to #20, partly thanks to a weekend in Swanage and a trip to the New Milton beer fest.

Aim to be in the Top 50 for 5 regions. Got a couple of regions in mind. Done - achieved with the additions of West Sussex and Wiltshire.

5 in each beer style as a minimum and work towards 10… unless all those new styles get introduced and that causes issues. The new styles did not help. Nowhere near to it and missing two styles now."


  1. Tick off all beer styles - other than that unclassified one. So that leaves Dark Lager - Premium. Should have been straightforward but it appears that Modelo Negra is no longer available in the UK, at least at the various places that used to stock it (I can forgive Chipotle). 5 in each style would be nice if I concentrated on achieving it.

  2. #1 in Hants. Not a serious one but could do it.

  3. Tick off all brewries in Hants and Berks - however new ones keep popping up every few months. I could do Berks with one day trip and a mail order if one brewpub (Saviour) has actually stopped brewing so aim to do that in the next couple of months. Hants is more difficult. A trip to Portsmouth and Southampton would tick off at least 4. A colleague has said they’ll go to a local brewery for me. That then leaves two with limited distribution (Newtown and Dancing Cows).

Otherwise keep on ticking off new breweries, countries, etc.

Get to as many fests as possible and chuck in some day trips. Go back to Hull, where I went to uni, and do some ticking. Remind my manager that she suggested I go to the Birmingham office a couple of times a month.


2019 Goals
Get to #2 of unique Florida Breweries
nope I’m 5th and the few guys ahead of me are active beer travelers so probably won’t get this.
Get 15 of every beer style - only one Faro away after a surprising fall
*Yes! I loved style collecting but RB has taken away for time being since everything is still a mess with no update on being fixed. *
Get 10 of every non-beer style - will be tough but at least make progress
nope. Only a few obscure sakes away but Orlando sucks for sake
100 regions - only one away, I be in Northern Ireland this year maybe a new English county will be available
yes it took two trips to Belfast but got to 101
5K rates - this should happen no prob but was trying to time it to my exact 10yr RB anniversary but looks like i’ll be 2 months behind that at my normal rate
yes but like 3 months past 10yr anniversary I believe

2020 Goals
Rate Place in new state
Continue trying to nab new breweries currently at 27% ratio would like to get this to 30% or 2k breweries by 6k ratings.
Get a few new beer countries on way towards 100


Beers of Europe sells Cusquena Negra Dark Lager


Goals for the decade.

Get back to under 100 Kilograms (220 lb’s) and stay healthy (I’m 66 and almost fully fit, apart from my weight).

Drink better quality beers rather than just drinking for rates.

Visit more places in the world, push past 140 countries and 119 regions beer wise, review interesting places on my travels.

Be nice to people and learn stuff.



Achieved all of these, except 4 - ended up rating more beers than ever (577 as of today).

Goals for 2020:

  • Get at least five new country ticks.
  • Visit a new former Soviet country and sample the local beers (only four left, excluding unrecognised states).
  • Attempt to get 100 Ireland or Lithuania rates.

Not changed since last year. Drink a wide range of styles from all countries. Keep on top of new breweries. Don’t chase ticks. Enjoy the beer in moderation. My days off will now be extended to a 4-day block a week. Getting back into mountain biking riding twice a week will help this.


1 - Would say 50%. When I am free I always check taplists on Untappd before heading to a bar. But I never said no to a beer I like and I already rated
2 - Super easy. Thanks to trades and to my short trip to Manchester/Liverpool I reached 182 UK ratings (142 in 2019 only). Belgium reached 104 (31 this year)
3 - 12 places added and (I think) around 100 beers. Being the only active rater of craft beers in Berlin makes it easier.
4 - A lot of country ticks, crap pale lagers but also amazing beers from Romania, Iceland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria. This is connected to #1: every time a bar was hosting breweries from new countries, I was there.
5 - I could have done better, but Grüne Woche (not really a beer fest, but with a lot of breweries from all over the world), Handgemacht 2019, Manchester Food&Drink Fest, International Beer Festival Berlin 2019 have pushed my ratings a lot.

Goals for 2020?

  • Drink less (948 ratings so far in 2019, with 4 beers ready for today to be added)
  • Trade more (12 trades in 2019)
  • Buy less crap beers from unknown “craft” German breweries just to boost my stats.
  • Improve my tasting skills, studying more. (just bought 3 books for that)
  • Find beer fellows in Berlin to organize regular beer tasting sessions like other users do. Might need to convert someone to RB

All in all it was a successfull year, beerwise. Thanks to all those who shared a pint with me and to those who sent me amazing beers from their home country! (@MonsterMagnet, @omhper, @minutemat, @japppp, @dantomlinson, @Cuso, @midovark, @Wendigo, @rhoihessegold, @Koelschtrinker )


2019 Goal Status:

  1. Get as many new unrated styles as possible (assuming the list is ever updated on the site).
    Done. Or at least I have on hand what I haven’t rated.
  2. Try at least 600 beers (I’ve seemed to slow down a bit from my usual 620+ and didn’t break 600 this year).
    Sitting at 595. Will have at 5 new ones tonight so should be right at 600.
  3. Finish Nebraska breweries (Need 9 still and no new ones opening up in the near future).
    Not done but also not super realistic due to terrible remote locations I don’t want to visit. Need 12. Could get them this year but doubt I give a lot of effort. Still a goal.

2020 GOALS

  1. Get all Nebraska beers verified and up to date.

  2. Get all my backlogged place ratings entered.

  3. Maintain my 600+ rates a year pace.

  4. Meet at least 1 new Ratebeerian. Still the best part of the site. Met some really great ones in 2019!

  5. Complete 1 big trade for things that have been long time wants not just any old beer.

  6. Get to 60 countries (Need 6 more).

  7. Try all Nebraska breweries.

Decade Goal:

  1. Get to 10,000 rates. At my current pace I will be around 9,500 so I’ll have to push it a bit at some point, but it’s doable. Just need to up my pace by about 50 beers a year.

check your “2019 beer stat” https://www.ratebeer.com/my-year-in-beer/138581/


My 2019 goals and ½ way through (bold) Full year Green or Red Bold (become 3 ///, instead):
A. A white month in Jan, started it again so 1/31 part Done! // ½: Can also tell u that the erysipelas helped a lot to avoid alcoholic beverages of all kinds

B. 185 countries, currently at 177. // ½: 189 and one in the cellar, ie Done thx to many friendly traders!
/// 192 – Many thx guys!

C. 355 Swedish breweries currently at 323. // ½: Currently 340 – over 50% of the goal.
/// 377 – thx Per and to and trip to Malmö (GSBF)

D. Average from 3,26 to 3,27 – // ½: Done 3,27 and will not drink any more bad beers😉
///3,29 – Wow, boosting, (wonder what mechanism that is changing this considering that I have historically rated tones of bad brews)

E. H index for countries from 27 to 32 – // ½: Still at 27 … this one is not going well, and I’m been really focusing but struggling.
///Still at 27, been trying hard Manage to get up Iceland, Ireland, Wales, over the threshold and Slovenia, Russia, SAR and Bosnia closer to it.

F. H index for styles from 48 to 53 – // ½: 49, tougher than expected and with the new styles created didn’t help at all vs this goal.
///52 – consider the mess-up with styles consider this as green

G. Go to Brussels and Fix the Faros up to 10 – hard // ½: Still 5! Had an Eylenbosch Faro Extra – 88 but not rate-able. Manage to find a De Cam Faro at Beer Planet and a Timmerman at Indian bottle shop in Brussels. Cannot really see that this will happen…
///7… – hard to find Faros!

H. Regions from 107 to 115 // ½: 110 – will be hard.
///110 – hard to find regions (missing Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, South Dakota, Alberta, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and Yukon)

Summary: 3 out of 7, not that bad – happy with that result… thx all!

2020 Goals

  1. One White calendar month
  2. 200 countries currently at 192
  3. 400 Swedish breweries currently at 377
  4. Average 3,29 to 3,31
  5. H index for countries from 27 to 32 (keeper)
  6. H index for styles from 52 to 56
  7. Faros to 10, currently at 7 (keeper)
  8. Regions from 110 to 115 (keeper)

Goals for the decade – will not set those goals (might stop ticking brews)

Happy Hogmanay! // Thomas


Wow, that came out quick!! Thanks!

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2019 GOALS update

  1. Hit Top 7 in Portugal and 50 Portuguese Breweries :negative_squared_cross_mark: :ballot_box_with_check: 50%. Currently 8th with 135 ratings and 53 Breweries.
  2. Up to 40 English Counties and 150 English Breweries :negative_squared_cross_mark: 37 Counties and 140 Breweries.
  3. Complete all the 17 spanish regions : (Murcia and Canary Islands) :ballot_box_with_check:
  4. Meet new Ratebeerians and do more tastings : :negative_squared_cross_mark:
  5. Visit at least one new country :negative_squared_cross_mark:
  6. Drink less commercial lager I guess its a :ballot_box_with_check: but honestly i´m still drinking too much of this.

2020 GOALS

  1. Portugal Hit top-5 and 200 Beers

  2. Mikkeller Beer Week 150 new beers from USA. 15 new Danish Breweries. Meet new Ratebeerians

  3. London Visit Do Bermondsey. 15 new Greater London Breweries. Isle of Man tick. Meet new Ratebeerians.

  4. 4.000 Beer ratings Currently at 3.166

  5. 1.333 Breweries Currently at 1.180.


2019 goal - survive, move to a new country and explore it once I settle down. CHECK
2020 goal - 10000 and we’ll see what happens from then onwards.


Here is my 2019:

"2019 Goals:

  1. 105 countries. I will be at 100 with two beers in my cabinet, so five pas that. Success
  2. Get to 100 in Mexico and Russia. This should be very easy for Mexico and will hopefully be possible on Russia (especially if I can convince my sister in law to bring some next time she comes). Also, hopefully cruise past a hundo in another country. Also success with respect to Russia and Mexico
  3. Cruise past 100 in 4 more states. This should be doable with DC, Missouri, and if I try, should be able to happen in NH or Ohio or something. Failure; just cruised past in DC and Missouri
  4. Meet another one of yous. Met three Ratebeerians last year, so should happen easily if any one of you are around. Success; although most do not rate anymore
  5. Continue contributing, adding beers, And sending corrections. Became admin so making my own corrections
  6. Improve H Index: this will probably happen if my wife and I go to Finland and Estonia." I think I am at 25 now

New Goals:

  1. Get to 100 in Italy and France. I am going to Italy so this should be doable, and there is enough Italian crap on the shelves here to make it very possible.
  2. Rate at least one Ukrainian beer. I have not been there since 2015 and have not rated since then!
  3. Add five countries. I think one is forthcoming in a trade, and I still have low-hanging fruit like Romania.
  4. Long-shot: get 100 in Louisiana. I will be there for a few days this year, so it might be possible.
  5. Finally get 100 in NH… unlikely…