2019 Goals Review & Beer goals for 2020? For the decade?

2019 Beer Goals:
:-1: 1000 new ratings - Was no-notice deployed so I ended on low side 482
:+1: Complete all of the counties in England (5 left) - Finished this one in July
:-1: Attend 5 events - Made it to 1 event GBBF (2 days of it)
:+1: Write 20 new place reviews - Had great year hitting new places ended with 35 reviews
:-1: Meet 12 new Ratebeerians - Unfortunately even my trip to Bingoham only got me to 6
:-1: Hit top 5 in Suffolk - Not close

2020 Beer Goals:

1000 new ratings - Lofty as always
Rate 25 new countries - Should be interesting
Rate 35 new places - Will be tough, but challenges are fun
Attend 5 beer events - Should be doable
Meet 10 new RateBeerians - Doable if I attend 5 events
Hit top 10 in Suffolk (need 202) - Super lofty really


Spend a night in a rub hut with @SHIG


I lost 30 pounds by drinking less beer (and less alcohol altogether) in 2019 and I’m not about to undo that. I need to go at least another 10, if not 15 pounds, down.

But I have 2 goals

  1. drink more local beers. The number of breweries opening up in the Orlando area is reaching crazy numbers and I haven’t kept up with visiting them. Homer alert: Castle Church is secretly making the best beer in the USA and no one knows it
  2. Keep my streak alive at least until April. That will make 20 years on ratebeer, 240 consecutive months of rating at least 1 beer. It will be an unbreakable record!

Out of Stock, damn it. :grin: