2021-2022 Ashes

Raising this topic is more incendary than a MacBoost vs RichTheVillian Brexit flame war, so this is my first and last post on the subject…great start for Australia…

Luckily it’s not being shown in California, or at least not in Sports Bars!


Shocking performance by England so far, but it can surely only get better … (in the next Test, obvs, this one has gone). But fair play to the Aussies, they’ve taken advantage and got themselves into a winning position, their’s to lose now

Had some fun in these threads over the years but the last one got quite unpleasant, so I’ll sit it out this time.

We’ve kind of moved on from Test cricket … white ball team now … shit you fuckers won the last one of those !

Seriously though our test team is dog shit

I predict 4-0 AUS … 1 draw will be as good as England gets and that will be more luck than judgement

I will as always keep an eye on the scores each day (morning when I get up) but really cannot be bothered to follow this series

RIP the Ashes!

Well that was an interesting day’s play, England fought back a little, and managed to gain themselves a bit of self-respect and make the game a little more balanced - still heavily in favour of the hosts it has to be said, first session tomorrow will be the key, few wickets and it’s game over but pressure can tell. I’m being heavily over-optimistic I know!

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Bollox, what a crock of shit our players can produce sometimes.


My optimism was clearly misplaced, England incabale of performing adequately in multiple sessions - well played Australia though, better than us in all departments. Onto Adelaide, fingers crossed we perform well across the entire game!