2021 Beer Goals + Year in Review

I’ll be fairly impressed if anyone was able to manage to hit all their goals this year! With less than two weeks to go, did you meet your goals and are you setting any for 2021?

2020 GOALS (0/10) My highlight might be changing my username from HuskerTan to rennat42.

1. Get all Nebraska beers verified and up to date.
Nope, in fact, I fell a bit behind. Nothing that isn’t manageable, but my motivation has just sucked. No excuse for this one.

2. Get all my backlogged place ratings entered.
Still have 10 to get listed onto the site, again, literal laziness.

3. Maintain my 600+ rates a year pace.
Ha! This is almost like a bad joke. Should end up with about 330 and that includes about 80 from a fest right before lockdown last February, otherwise I’d have barely hit 250.

4. Meet at least 1 new Ratebeerian. Still the best part of the site. Met some really great ones in 2019!
Nope, and that’s a damn shame.

5. Complete 1 big trade for things that have been long time wants not just any old beer.
Nope, first time in in 7 years I didn’t make a single trade.

6. Get to 60 countries (Need 6 more).
Close, but came 2 short.

7. Try all Nebraska breweries.
No, but this was was a long shot anyways. Had a couple more open. I just need to commit a week long road trip next summer and this could finally get done.

8. Hit 4,000 total rates.
Got close, but still pathetically no. Gonna be about 50 shy.

9.Hit 1,000 Nebraska rates.
Nope, just 103 shy.

10. Convince friends/people to join Ratebeer instead of Untappd.

Decade Goal:
1. Get to 10,000 rates. At my current pace I will be around 9,500 so I’ll have to push it a bit at some point, but it’s doable. Just need to up my pace by about 50 beers a year.
Got slowed down this year, but still doable.

2021 Goals
2020 - Take 2


I had hoped to rate a place in each UK Region by the end of 2020. Just Wiltshire short so plan to go somewhere in Wiltshire in 2021. I was going to go twice this year, but got my trip cancelled due to the start of lockdown 1 and then lockdown 2.

Also had expected to pass 10,000 rates this year, but this will now be due in Jan/Feb.

Finally it was never a thing to rate all Australian regions, but might now be a plan, I think I will only have Northern Territory to go.


Well, my poor 2020 goals took a fucking beating.

1. Get to 1000 places. Yeah, I’ll do this by July.

No, John, you won’t. I had a crazy bit if wandering up to March though, giving me 39 place rates for the year.

2. Add at least one new UK county and one new country visited, or three new UK counties.

One new county (Worcestershire), and I did rate a beer store in Northern Ireland on account of their internet delivery service, so I did meet this one although slightly cheatily.

3. Drink more non-UK beers, or at least non-English. Looking at my stats, it’s just silly. And doing so would decrease the golden-ness of my beer intake.

I did have quite a few more US and European beers than normal, and not going to the pub really killed the extreme golden-beer-ness of my rates (although I managed so.ehow to still have 20). Still finding a lot of great UK breweries though.

4. New US states? Bring it. I’m looking for five. Having US-heavy BrewDog in town helps.

I think I got 3: Minnesota, Iowa and North Dakota. Really chuffed about North Dakota, so while I didn’t get five states I’m happy with how I did.

5. Since styles have gone a bit bonkers, I don’t feel up to a goal such as ‘X amount of this style’. Just more of what I like. Hit some strong fuckers (not just impy stouts), seek out some oaky browns, seek out some bocks.

It’s amazing how in 2020, when I ordered almost everything online so nothing was left to chance, I stuck to hoppy pales, flavoured stouts and fruit sours. Quite a few quality lagers this year, which was great.

I have one 2021 goal. To keep doing this. I feel like rating has lost its shine since COVID so I’m hoping I can stay with it…


I took March off of drinking, and I weigh 20 lbs less than I did last year at this time. Both good things.

Rated less than normal due to COVID, but honestly by beer drinking probably skewed more towards higher quality stuff since I had to get everything for at home consumption. That’s a wash, I guess?

For next year:

  • take another month off, preferably early in the year
  • get down to ~165 lbs by summer
  • keep rating dank local IPAs and visit some new places when they open up
  • keep brewing cider because everyone seems to like it

Despite being on RB for donkey’s years, it’s only this last year I’ve become moderately active, so didn’t really have any specific goals, although as soon as I’d seen the regions breakdown it was on my mind to complete England - still have 8 to check off, so that’s a fail: goal for 2021 is to have England ‘done’ by Easter, and then to get to 26 US states, and also look to check off some more countries. Styles-wise, might look to check off some of the missing ones, but only if I like them - I’m a ticker at heart, but not for the sake of it, that cave-aged sour stout can be left alone I reckon


All bets are off for 2020, as like most of us it’s been a nightmare on all counts, not just on beer consumption and travel, but our whole lives.

I was in Orange County, California at the start of 2020 and managed to get across to Brugge in February and that’s it travel wise apart from a single weekend in Chester, otherwise it’s been Shropshire all year.

As for 2021. I want to stay healthy and drink good beer, not a bad goal to set!



2020 in Review

Tick off all beer styles - other than that unclassified one. So that leaves Dark Lager - Premium. Should have been straightforward but it appears that Modelo Negra is no longer available in the UK, at least at the various places that used to stock it (I can forgive Chipotle). 5 in each style would be nice if I concentrated on achieving it. Done. No new ticks required, some existing ticks had their style changed.

#1 in Hants. Not a serious one but could do it. No. About 100 short.

Tick off all brewries in Hants and Berks - however new ones keep popping up every few months. I could do Berks with one day trip and a mail order if one brewpub (Saviour) has actually stopped brewing so aim to do that in the next couple of months. Hants is more difficult. A trip to Portsmouth and Southampton would tick off at least 4. A colleague has said they’ll go to a local brewery for me. That then leaves two with limited distribution (Newtown and Dancing Cows). Berks - 3 (or was it 4?) new breweries appeared during 2020. Managed to tick off 4 additional breweries but not complete. 5 if not more breweries appeared in Hampshire during 2020. Managed 4 new ticks but not complete.

Otherwise keep on ticking off new breweries, countries, etc. Yes. Primarily thanks to the internet.

Get to as many fests as possible and chuck in some day trips. Go back to Hull, where I went to uni, and do some ticking. Remind my manager that she suggested I go to the Birmingham office a couple of times a month. Only attended the one fest before Covid hit, plus couple a ticking trips. Since Covid managed a holiday in Dorset, a weekend in Portsmouth and a trip around Berkshire breweries and one day in London. However work trips to Aberdeen, Birmingham and Manchester were cancelled as of course were various fests and Cotts 2020.

2021 Targets

I’ve got a range of targets I am aiming at, some more general than others. More longterm approach as I found that as I had a variety of targets it was difficult to concentrate on getting specific ones completed.

  1. Tick off all breweries in Berkshire (3 left but one that seems to be nearly impossible to get hold off unless you know the brewer) and Hampshire (6 left). Also Surrey where I have 2 left to do. Not convinced that Burner Bash are around any longer - they never responded to my message for a start - so it may only be 1 left. I’ve been invited to got to Antoine’s Brewery so may well be able to tick that one off at the brewry itself. I contributed to the crowdfunding for Maverick so am due some of their beers when they open.

  2. (a) Tick off as many breweries as possible in Dorset, West Sussex and Wiltshire.

  3. (b) Get in to the table for Greater London breweries.

  4. (a) Keep ticking off new beers from those UK regions and get higher in the tables

  5. (b) Additional target: get into Top Raters for Buckinghamshire. I only need a few more.

  6. At least 5 beers in each style.

  7. More if not all US states.

  8. Get to more new places when things get more normal. Inc. Berks and Hants brewery ticks, a North London new breweries ticking trip, micropub crawl in Bexley and my Mum’s home town of Oulu in Finland. Actually visit some places in West Sussex. Actually go to A Hoppy Place in Windsor and the various new places in Reading/locally.


2021 goal is to take 4 days off drinking a week and ride my bike at least twice a week.

This year I managed to get to France and cycle over to Belgium during the first lockdown, even have an afternoon walking around a London completely deserted of tourists.

Glad I managed to organise a few last minute EU trades although quite when my parcel from Austria will arrive is anyone’s guess.

Next year will probably involve another national lockdown then by the Summer hopefully we’ll return to a sense of normality and I can rate some more places in at least 2 new regions I’ve yet to explore, plus Scotland. That’s a goal I think is achievable.


2019 Goals Review & Beer goals for 2020? For the decade? - #16 by Nisse666 and 1/2 check 20’
2020 Goals

  1. One White calendar month // Done
  2. 200 countries currently at 192 // 194, a few in the fridge so possible
    At 197 so nope didn’t
  3. 400 Swedish breweries currently at 377 // 385 on the way
    409 so overachiever :wink:
  4. Average 3,29 to 3,31 // At 3,3
    Still 3,3 so done
  5. H index for countries from 27 to 32 (keeper) // 28 one more Russian to reach 29
    At 29 and some Slovenia in trade on it’s way so no not this year either.
  6. H index for styles from 52 to 56 // 55 at the moment, on the way.
    At 56 (Lambic Geuze) – Done!
  7. Faros to 10, currently at 7 (keeper) // 7 still, don’t see how this will happen
    Still 7, don’t have a clue yet hot to managed.
  8. Regions from 110 to 115 (keeper) // 110 still, don’t see how this will happen either ;(
    114 (thx to the Australian split :wink: – but not done ;(
    Sum 4 out of 8 not that bad

2021 Goals

  1. One White calendar month – Started😉
  2. 200 countries currently at 197 (keeper)
  3. 425 Swedish breweries currently at 409, hard vs Covid19
  4. Average 3,3 to 3,4
  5. H index for countries from 27 to 32 (keeper), currently at 29
  6. H index for styles from 56 to 58!
  7. Faros to 10, currently at 7 (keeper)
  8. Regions from 110 to 115 (keeper) – currently 114.
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I set reasonable goals and managed to achieve my goals

Goals for 2020?

  • Drink less (948 ratings so far in 2019, with 4 beers ready for today to be added)

739 ratings. There were beers I drank more than once, I started drinking more wine, but thanks to lockdowns and a healthier lifestyle, I succeeded

  • Trade more (12 trades in 2019)

Only 9 trades. Could have been better, but stocking up during the first lockdown did not help (too many beers and no motivation)

  • Buy less crap beers from unknown “craft” German breweries just to boost my stats.

Fore sure I avoided “weird” new - to me - brands. I preferred to invest my money in supporting my favorite breweries. So mission accomplished!

  • Improve my tasting skills, studying more. (just bought 3 books for that)

I hope I did. But it’s not me who can judge.

  • Find beer fellows in Berlin to organize regular beer tasting sessions like other users do. Might need to convert someone to RB

Well, that was pretty much impossible

Goals for 2021

  • Make a tour of microbreweries in Czech Rep. as soon as Coronashit is over
  • Complete Dry January without drinking a single, normal beer. I have 30 AF beers ready for that already.
  • Trade more (should be easier)
  • Find a way to drink beers from UK, depite Brexshit
  • Meet more RBians and - maybe - manage to take part in some tasting together

2020 Beer Goals:
:ballot_box_with_check:1000 new ratings - Started the year strong with 2 fests and 3 bottle shares, finished strong. 1639 rakes
:ballot_box_with_check:Rate 25 new countries - Pretty sure I did this one with the help of @Grumbo, going to check yes.
:x:Rate 35 new places - If I had entered my backlog I would have made it, completely forgot.
:x:Attend 5 beer events - Started strong with 2 and hit 2 in Oct, but COVID shut down all the other events.
:x:Meet 10 new RateBeerians - Meet a 3 or 4 at beginning of the year and it looked doable, but once again COVID shut this down. If you count RB Zoom chat, then I did compete.
:x:Hit top 10 in Suffolk (need 202) - Tried to chip away at this one and only made it to #32

2021Beer Goals:
:o:2,000 ratings/10,000 total ratings - Try and complete RateBeer, if I hit first it will give me the second.
:o:Rate 35 new places - Hopefully, the vaccine will promote this
:o:Hit top 10 in Suffolk (need 93+) - Be nice to make it to top 10 in the county I reside
:o:Hit top 50 in 20 English counties (8 currently) - This one I would like to complete, having moved here in 2018 it’s been fun to challenge these list
:o:Meet 10 new RateBerrians - This one is always going to be on my list, RateBeer has been my family for 15 years (28 Jan 06), maybe one day @joet or @services can add that tick raters we have met button.


2020 Goals:

  1. Get to 100 in Italy and France. I am going to Italy so this should be doable, and there is enough Italian crap on the shelves here to make it very possible.
  • well, I did not go to Italy, so I failed on Italy. I think I have 9 or so more French beers.
  1. Rate at least one Ukrainian beer. I have not been there since 2015 and have not rated since then!
  • I rated three this year, so this was a resounding success.
  1. Add five countries. I think one is forthcoming in a trade, and I still have low-hanging fruit like Romania.
  • I think I just got three, but did manage to get Romania!
  1. Long-shot: get 100 in Louisiana. I will be there for a few days this year, so it might be possible.
  • Got to 103, which means I succeeded!
  1. Finally get 100 in NH… unlikely…
  • I think I only have ten to go, and with Schilling’s distribution in NYC, I think next year will be the year.

2021 goals:

  1. Get at least one new country tick. This is going to be tough for me, given that I have pretty much no travel plans, and I exhausted commercially available beers in NYC.

  2. Clear 100 rates of at least 2 of these states: Ohio, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, or Delaware. Wisconsin beers seem to be popping up a lot more, especially on the online sellers, so I should get a bunch of these almost by osmosis (in that my friends will toss be extras).

  3. Finally visit 18th Ward Brewing and Torch and Crown.

  4. Organize more outdoor shares to help me get through my dangerously large stash of bottles.

  5. Convince someone to bring me back beers from Ukraine. Definitely this is a possibility. I also assume I will get at least one Russian shipment.

  6. Raise my daughter (currently 5-month old) to be a doppelbock girl.


2020 GOALS

  1. Portugal Hit top-5 and 200 Beers. TOP-6 right now with only 189 Beers. :-1: :-1:
  2. Mikkeller Beer Week 150 new beers from USA. 15 new Danish Breweries. Meet new Ratebeerians. Ha! :-1: :-1:
  3. London Visit Do Bermondsey. 15 new Greater London Breweries. Isle of Man tick. Meet new Ratebeerians. Ha! :-1: :-1:
  4. 4.000 Beer ratings Currently at 3.166. 3.715 :-1: :-1: No beer festivals, drinking alone.
  5. 1.333 Breweries Currently at 1.180. :-1: :-1: 1.305

My 2020 goals supposed a lot of travelling and events. Fuck Covid.

2021 GOALS

  1. SPAIN AND PORTUGAL Support local breweries. Hit Top-10 in Spain (need 300) and 1.000 spanish ratings (need 362). Hit Top-5 in Portugal (need 8) and 250 portuguese ratings (need 61).
  2. Festivals and travelling. :pray: :pray: Festivals in 2021 seems a bit complicated but small events at least please!
  3. Drink less macro I did it already on 2020 but I want to drink even less macro this year. 1 Beer = 1 tick :face_with_monocle:



@mansquito, is your daughter called ‘Ator’ by chance?


2020 Goals
Get #2 of unique Florida breweries rated
:+1: did lots of local hiking and Florida exploring plus other raters slowed down or quit

Rate Place in new state
:+1: right at end of year as I relocated north. At 40 states currently!

Continue trying to nab new breweries currently at 27% ratio would like to get this to 30% or 2k breweries by 6k ratings.
:thinking: got to 1500 breweries but % dropped a touch

Get a few new beer countries on way towards 100 :-1: none I think.

2021 Goals
Try lots of unique New England breweries
Get to 100 rates in NH, RI, & CT
Get to top 50 MA raters
Progress on getting beer and non beer styles to 10 of each. Was at 15 of every beer style and few sakes away prior to big style additions. Won’t achieve but maybe get halfway
Try an ice perry
Get a few more beer countries


2020 goal was to drink less and more quality. I drank a bit less (new ticks wise), but that was because no big festivals. Still did ~2000 check-ins (untappd says 2318, but that includes vintages and some rb backlog). The number is surprisingly big, but I attended a lot of shares (~1 in a week during summer) and a lot of orders from Latvia + a trip to Latvia (more than 300 new Latvian ticks in 2020). Hoped to travel more and meet new and old rb-rians, but obviously that didn’t happen.

2021: do white(ish) month in January. Generally spend less on beer outside of traveling. Drink less inside the week. Hopefully traveling becomes possible again and I can visit at least 2-3 new countries.

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