2021 Beer52 and other subscription sites

Oh, no. I’m away and my box was delivered today and I couldn’t believe my luck with the list. The I read the posts on here. Close to cancelling once more, except the next box is Philadelphia!

Thanks for your thoughts on this one.

I am desperately trying to get my country count up from its current 102 so I was over the moon when I saw what I thought was Greenland.
If anyone knows of where to obtain rare countries please let me know. Brexit has ruined the option to import directly from the EU but that’s another story.

Also thought I was upping my brewery count by quite a lot but again not so.

I will be complaining to Beer52-what they did was not right.


Was not sure about the box of collaborations, have been caught by Beer52 before, so i paused the box.
By going what John received it looks a wise decision


Collabs tend to go under the brewery where the beer was produced, if known. If not known then it is treated as a commissioned beer and placed under the commissioner. I haven’t seen these yet but sounds like we know who the brewer and packagers are, so I’m guessing that the beers will be placed with those. I’ll take a look on Monday all being well.

Got a mail from Beer52 this morning. Looks like Honest Brew have gone into administration and Beer52 have bought their customer base.

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Oh wow, they actually advertised those beers as being from those countries? Damn that sucks. I thought it was common knowledge those were all brewed at The Garden, but then again my awareness of that does stem from the brewery being Croatian and us knowing what’s going on there.

Also, The Bird = The Garden Brewery.

As per my original post on these, it was advertised as a collaboration between Beer52, The Garden and 16 other breweries so I don’t think Beer52 can be blamed on this one.

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I feel sorry for the staff there, hope that Beer52 can take at least some of them on or that they can get decent jobs elsewhere in the industry. I met the owner at the Good Food Show many years back when they were just starting out, and he seemed a really nice, genuine guy and very enthusiastic about what they were doing.

Their web shop did seem to sometimes have stuff from breweries I’d not seen elsewhere (particularly ones from Ireland and Spain) but I never got around to ordering from them. Hopefully Beer52 will take on their business contacts as well as their customers and be able to provide some different breweries.

Also got an email from Beer52. I had not used Honest Brew since before Brexit but the email said “We have converted Honestbrew member’s balances to Beer52 points” - didnt even realise I had points with them tbh :smiley:

Doubt they post internationally but might try use them for my summer trip back to the UK.

I wouldn’t bother Reubs

Tried them once and they fecked it right up

No 2nd chances in this era

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I wonder if they even had to pay for it. In the notes, Beer52 say they’ve not received any cash from Honestbrew or the administrators, they’re just giving everyone an equivalent amount of Beer52 credit - obviously in the hope of getting them as customers, but still, it seems fairly generous to me.

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An email today says my Pennsylvania B52 box is on the way. According to ther photo, it contains:

Winding Path Warehouse District Pilsner, which seems to be a new one from https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/wyndridge-farm/19619/

All new for me. :beers:

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I note in the process that Wyndridge Farms has rebranded as Winding Path Brewing Co.

I note that the next box is Hagstraveganza ( or something like that), where all the beers on offer appear to be from White Hag. Looks like I’m going to have a month off.


Hagstravaganza involves many more breweries than just White Hag.

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Now they tell us ! All Irish - or just a complete mixture ?

Here’s the Hagstravanganza box contents (from an online copy of the mag that I found) - some of them definitely look like collabs which are probably brewed at White Hag, I’ve shown where I suspect this is the case (can’t guarantee the others aren’t collabs mind!):

White Hag Hopstravanganza
Round Corner Bullroarer
Siren Totality
The Garden Callista Pilsner

Trouble Brewing Lucky Pale Ale
Dick Mack’s Dingle
[not sure what the other 2 are, online magazine only showed these two)

O Brother How Now Are You?
Brewfist Gola Secca (WH collab)
Kees Baby Caramel Fudge Stout
BRLO Dark Matter

10 BOX
Kirkstall Judicious
Mont Hardi Keltoi (WH collab)

12 BOX
Boundary Life’s Carousel
Bagby West Coast to West Coast IPA (WH collab)

Next month’s box is their 9th birthday celebration, breweries mentioned are &Union, BBNo, Full Circle, Brew York, Gipsy Hill, Buxton & Black Isle.


I got my August Brewser subscription beers today. These came from Crossover blendary.

For those of you who don’t know, when you subscribe to Brewser you pay them a set amount each month and choose the brewery you want. The chosen brewery then send out beers to that value. There over 100 mainly British breweries to choose from. Last month it was UnBarred and next month is Baron

It’s £38 per month per box.


Got my Beer 52 “9th Birthday” box today

The good news - I got 10 beers instead of 8

The bad news - I have no idea whether I’ve been sent the correct beers or not. There is no explanatory list in the back of the magazine.

Whet I received was

|Black Isle|SCO|Vanilla Stout|Stout|4.5%|
|Dick Macks (White Hag)|IRL|Dingle Session IPA|SIPA|4.6%|
|Avaans (Fierce)|SCO ?|Brune Biere du Garde|??|5.7|
|Frontaal|NL|Kia Ora|NZIPA|5.5%|
|AND Union|D|Thursday|Dunkel|5%|
|Maku|FIN|Chinook IPA|IPA|5.5%|
|Jopen|NL|Super Dupa|Pale|5.5%|
|Kees|NL|Out In The Fields|IPA|5.8%|

(Sorry about the formatting)

None of these breweries was mentioned in the magazine. Instead there are features on Vault City, Fullers, Kentucky, Margate, Overtone and Greene King !

Notice there’s the obligatory beer brewed at White Hag …

Next month is a feature on Stone brewing - I’m seriously considering cancelling completely.

I’ve re-joined Beer52 and for the packaging and postage (5:95) I got these eight beers.

White Hag feature quite a lot, but that’s OK with me. All eight are new rates for me.