2021 Beer52 and other subscription sites

Of those three, the first one must have been one I skipped, the second (USA) I received in July last year, and the thirs (Netherlands) I got in May last year. Hope your beers are all still in date !

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Yes, all appear to be in date with plenty of life left.


Yes, I got the second one last July as well - some nice beers in it, but it’s odd that they’re still going out to people.

Just had notice that my Manchester Box is on its way. As noted before 2 of the beers are actually from Cheshire breweries and 4 are from Fierce Beer Co. in Aberdeenshire, 2 of which are under Beer52 fake breweries. After much gnashing of teeth and getting really close to cancelling for good, I have decided to hang on for the Spanish Box coming next. If that one contains mostly nonsense too, that will be it for me.

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I’ve been there several times now. Every third box seems to be a good’en and I suspect the Spanish one will be one, The two boxes in-between, despite containing fake breweries and other inexplicable beers, the overall quality is still reasonable for the price.

They seem to do just enough for people like me not to make that call. To be honest though its nice to have a mystery box that I don’t have to think about. Its getting painstaking finding beers that I can afford that I’ve not tried before. Its getting to the stage in my Ratebeer life where I order a beer online convinced I’ve not tried only to find I rated it over 2 years ago. For that reason I may stick with Beer52 until my dying breath and possibly longer if I forget to tell my wife to cancel the subscription!


I have no idea what they will send me next if my last three boxes were all old stock. Was hoping for Spain or Manchester, but it’ll be a surprise no matter what arrives.


My Spain box from Beer52 arrived today. Why am I not surprised that they regard Aberdeen as being in Spain ? Two more fake brewery beers from Fierce again.

Anyway, the total offering should be

Common beers

Oso Ifiesta !

Nostalgia Saudade (Fierce)

Arriaca Hoppy Pale Ale

Barcelona Cerdos Voladores

Light Case

La Virgen Jamonera

Oddity Sleepless

Basqueland Ondarreta

Round Corner Casa Melton (yes from Melton Mowbray)

Mixed Case

Basqueland Pasajes

Barcelona La Nina Barbuda

Free Assembly Higo Negro (Fierce)

Arriaca Porter

10 Beer Upgrade

Peninsula Paseo

Tyris Blonde Beer

12 Beer Upgrade

La Pirata Suria

Naparbier Psychedelic

There is also a full page advert for Untappd !

Since the number of Spanish beers I have rated before can be counted on my fingers I am quite happy with what I’ve received (8 beers mixed), but the fake breweries do rankle though.

Next month is “Yorkshire” I shall be giving that one a miss.

Manchester for me this time, I appear to be catching up, Spain and Aberdeen next I hope!


My Manchester box had hardly any Manchester beers in it, really hoping for better with my Spanish box.

I’m promised the Siren 10th birthday one next month.

So low ABV versions of theiir normal beers in 250ml cans.

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