2022 Beer Goals + Year in Review

2021 was almost as bad as 2020, but here we go.

2021 GOALS (4/8)

1. Get all Nebraska beers verified and up to date.

2. Get all my backlogged place ratings entered.
Have even more now because this damn site has so many bugs with cloning or entering places. Pretty much given up on place ratings.

3. Maintain my 600+ rates a year pace.
Went to my first fest last week since 2019, but still can’t reach this pre-covid standard. At about 400 for the second year in a row.

4. Meet at least 1 new Ratebeerian. Still the best part of the site. Met some really great ones in 2019!
Did not. Hopefully 2022 will include more travel.

5. Get to 60 countries (Need 6 more).
Have an El Salvador beer in the fridge I’ll be drinking soon.

6. Try all Nebraska breweries.
No, mostly for a lack of trying. This is a continual goal.

7. Hit 4,000 total rates.
Will end the year around 4,450.

8.Hit 1,000 Nebraska rates.
Made it to 1,025 to date.

2022 GOALS

  1. Try all Nebraska breweries. (Assuming no more open, need 9)

  2. Finish unrated styles (Dark Lager - Hoppy and Perry - Ice)

  3. Drink 100 beers from a single brewery (Currently at 85 for White Elm).

  4. Hit 5,000 rates (Will need about 590).

  5. Hope Ratebeer is still active and hasn’t gone dark and I can continue to waste my life on here.


My goal is to switch fully to bourbon and rye and not drink any beer in 2022.


All bets are off for 2020, as like most of us it’s been a nightmare on all counts, not just on beer consumption and travel, but our whole lives.

I was in Orange County, California at the start of 2020 and managed to get across to Brugge in February and that’s it travel wise apart from a single weekend in Chester, otherwise it’s been Shropshire all year.

As for 2021. I want to stay healthy and drink good beer, not a bad goal to set!

Managed a 10 day beery trip to Germany in 2021. I’m in Orange County again now and am happy to be here. I have stayed healthy and drank some good beer in 2021. So I met my goal.

I am hoping to complete my US States at last (@rennat42, I’m looking at you), just four to go. I would also like to appear on the World Leader Board for the most Regions Rated, but even with those four remaining States I will fall short. Need to find a proper South American Beer Shop while here in Southern California, been looking already, but failing big style.

That’s it for 2022, staying healthy again is the main goal.



For 2022:

Keep trying to get all beer styles to 20, won’t achieve but decent headway.

Drink two more Spiced meads to get to 10, like everyone else try and find an ice perry.

Get region count to 300.

Keep trying for new breweries when possible.

Get to top 50 VT raters so I’m in top 50 for all 6 New England states.


2021 Goals REVIEW
Try lots of unique New England breweries :+1:
Get to 100 rates in NH, RI, & CT :+1:
Get to top 50 MA raters :+1:
Progress on getting beer and non beer styles to 10 of each. Was at 15 of every beer style and few sakes away prior to big style additions. Won’t achieve but maybe get halfway :+1: made good progress got sakes over 10 and some beers in tricky styles.
Try an ice perry :-1:
Get a few more beer countries :+1: Got 2 I believe.


Try to reach 150 different countries


I didn’t pick goals for 2021 (mere survival seemed more urgent). For 2022

  • 20,000 ratings.
  • 100 countries (been stuck at 96 forever)
  • 3000 Wisconsin ratings.
  • 3300 Virginia ratings.
  • 1000 North Carolina ratings (been at 980+ for years)
  • 200 New Mexico ratings (going in January)
  • 300 Alaska ratings (going in January)
  • Finish Rateable Canadian regions (need MB, SK, Newfoundland).
  • 10 ratings all beer styles (where the hell will I find 7 faros?).
  • Ice Perry
  • Not get COVID.

@Drake Beer Festival? I went a few years ago, it was awesome.

Can we make a pact that if someone finds any way to order ice perry (or even dark lager - hoppy) online they will post here and let us know?



They have a Eisbirnenwein aka Ice Perry available. Order via mail seems the way to go.

To America? That’s the rub. But if so it’s mine

I had no goals for 2021. I did rate many more beers than I thought I would though, well north of 1100. I was in the top 50 of the ‘Raters of the Year’ list until August but couldn’t keep up the pace after that.

For 2022:
Get to 3600 rates (currently 2920 ish).
Try to get each style to 15 rates. Realistically impossible but hope to make a dent. 64 beer styles at 14 rates or less currently.
Reach the Top 50 of the Places list. I’m around 60 away currently
Break into the top 20 of Gloucestershire ratings and top 30 of Somerset ratings
Try to reach 300 regions (283 currently)
Achieve 1600 different breweries rated (at 1310 currently)
Find a Dark Lager - Hoppy. My last unrated beer style. Tips please!
Find a few more new country ticks (76 currently)
Try to tick Places in some English counties I’ve not yet visited (6 counties left to get to)
A general one, maintain my position on various lists that I’ve managed to get on to.

Anyone UK based looking for an Ice Perry, there’s one here:

The Wonder Pear Dessert Wine 2016 – Haygrove Evolution

(btw I’ve no clue why many of this cidery’s products are branded ‘Dragons Orchard’ on RB, I’d assume the brand name was amended at some point)



That iceperry has gone on to my ‘may order one day’ list.

Surprised you haven’t ticked off this Dark Lager - Hoppy already:



Cheers for that, I have indeed got Zeitgeist logged on Untappd. Not sure how I missed it!

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I don’t think I can be bothered with very specific targets, other than:

  1. Achieve #1 rater of Hampshire beers status and tick all breweries (5 left, although Crop will apparently move to Shrewsbury at some point).

  2. Get to #2 or #3 in Berkshire and tick all breweries (1 left - I actually went into the brewery last year but there was apparently no-one around).

  3. Get in to top #5 for Dorset.

Then more generally:

  1. Tick off more regions. Although really I am looking at US and Canada. Not bothered by the new European regions, other than completing Belgium at some point as I only have one region left to go. My first order in the New Year should include some beers from Alberta.

  2. Get to Finland in the summer.

  3. Get to more beer festivals, etc.


@douglas88 Yes indeed!

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I didn’t set any goals for 2021 but happy that I managed to get in the top 50 raters for the year. However that will probably be the only time - I’m not expecting to rate as many in 2022 as its getting expensive! Goals for 2022:

  1. Get to 3300 rates (currently 2289)
  2. Tick off 10 new regions (currently 199)
  3. Tick off 6 new countries (currently 59)
  4. Tick off 2 new beer styles (currently 9 unrated)
  5. Move up to 6th in the West Midlands region (currently 10th, 109 rates behind 6th)
  6. Make it to at least 1 beer festival.

Had no goals for 2021. Turned out better than expected with 2.6k+ ratings.

For 2022 I hope to drink enough to maintain my position in top-10 beer raters overall, and focus on new breweries. Hopefuilly reach 6k unique brewers and maintain my top-3 position here.

The loss of top country ticker Manslow was a bad blow and takes the fun of the race to regain #1 of most countries rated (before mtitov takes over). :cry:

Will try to increase my H-index for countries, Currently sitting at 49. Ultimate goal is 100.
Also add one or two countries to my list of countries with 100+ ticks. Currently sitting at 42. Romania and maybe Serbia or Iceland are within striking distance.

Add a few new regions, Most likely reaching 500 is not doable this year, unless we split mor countries.


So since the 2021 have pasted it can be reviewed - here is the link to the 1/2 year check, if interested? 1/2 beer goals check 2021

  1. One White calendar month – Started😉 - 1/2 year: Jupp!
    Full - Still OK!
  2. 200 countries currently at 197 (keeper) - 1/2 year: 198 (+ one in the celler).
    Full - 200 done!
  3. 425 Swedish breweries currently at 409, hard vs Covid19 - 1/2 year: 428 Done!
    Full - 445 still done!
  4. Average 3,3 to 3,4 - 1/2 year: 3,31
    Full - 3,32 NOK (seems like this will take years or that the calc. have changed
  5. H index for countries from 27 to 32 (keeper), currently at 29 - 1/2 year: 30
    Full - 30, still NOK need more help with Hungary, Ukraine or South Africa, plzz
  6. H index for styles from 56 to 58! - 1/2 year: 56,5 need to drink more Keller bier and flavored porters
    Full - 58, OK😉 (8 Keller bier/pils in 2021, 2 wee heavy and 5 flavored Sasion did it)
  7. Faros to 10, currently at 7 (keeper): 1/2 year: 7, one will be consumed this this weekend
    Full - 8 as assumed
  8. Regions from 110 to 115 (keeper) – currently 114. - 1/2 year: 324 regions, zzzz
    Full - 327 regions, OK
    3 out of 8;) - so far… after ½ year. For the full year 5 - yeah😉

So for the 2022 it’s probably going to be hard. There will be loads of restrictions, so impossible to travel, few beer festivals etc. (unfortunately). Here are the goals:

  1. Full white month begging of year (started).
  2. 203 countries – currently at 200.
  3. 500 new Swedish brewers, currently 445.
  4. Average 3,35 -currently 3,32.
  5. H index for countries from 27 to 32 (old keeper) – currently 30.
  6. H index for styles 60! – Currently 58!
  7. Faros to 10! Currently 8… no clue :wink:.
  8. Regions 350. Currently 327!

I set myself some achievable goals for 2021 - and still failed! Complete the England regions by Easter - it’s 2022 and I still have 1 to tick off, shocking; increase US regions to 26 - fail, not even half-way on 12 (admittedly that target did hope a work trip to CA or DE would occur). Where I did meet the target, it was very vague - more countries and more styles, so 17 up to 29 and 50 upto 72 respectively was good going. For 2022 I’m setting myself some quantitative targets:

1000 ratings (was at 638)
400 breweries (was at 306)
50 countries (was at 30)
100 styles (was at 73)

Here’s hoping