2023 Beer52 and other Subscription Sites Thread

OK, new thread started on 19th May 2023.

My next beers from Beer52 are these:

Strange bunch, but all new to me.



Mine arrived yesterday and yes they are a bit of a random mix. I have the 12 box and my extra two are from Duration and Bianca Road, the later being a new brewery to me. My box also included some kind of miracle hangover cure tablets - maybe if I consume all 12 cans in one night I can test them out!

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Not beer52 but my beers from Brewser this month are from Tartarus.


Hi folks,

Received my latest package today – “South East” and this is what it contained.

Ad Astra EKG Pale Ale
Bis Smoke Inner Flight
Fourpure Bermondsey Nightbus
Fourpure London Haze
Hand Low Mile Lager
Mad Squirrel Dusk Porter
Ramsgate Black Pearl
Renegade Lager
Sambrooks Block Party
Unbarred Cold Pressed Daterra Stout

Is this what I should have expected (10 beers mixed case) ? I have no idea. There is no list of “this months beers” in the magazine.

There is however a map showing where all the breweries are located. This shows all the above (with the obvious exception of Ad Astra, but also Big Hug, Brick, Burning Sky, Westerham and Wild Card. So 5 of their 13 “South East” brwweries are actually from London !

As for Ad Astra, that’s this months obligatory fake brewery. The small print on the can says “brewed at South East Brewing” – but they don’t appear to exist either !

I’m not a happy bunny. I was thinking of cancelling completely, but next month is Chile – should be a decent selection there.


South East Brewing are this lot, SEB Brewing and Packaging - a client brewer (or is it contract, I always forget):


They currently just have the one have the one beer I added under them but should probably have tons more, if people read the small print on cans like you did;)

They are a joint venture between Sambrooks, Gadds and AN Other.

The SEB website includes testimonials from breweries they bottle for, they include: Westerham, Sambrooks (no surpise). I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority (if not all) beers were bottled there, and some brewed. I.e. at least one Big Hug beer was apparently brewed at Gadds, so perhaps it’s actually SEB.

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Thank you for this, I spent a fruitless afternoon trying to find South East Brewing yesterday, wish I had read this first.
Disappointing haul this month imo. That Renegade Lager is quite different from the previous on here and probably requires a new entry.

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That Renegade Lager does have a new home: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/renegade-lager/1120872/


Cheers. Looked earlier this week and nothing there. Great stuff.

I have a Deya box this month from Brewser.


I see that Beer52 have gone back to Evri (Hermes) that’s it for me, cancelling my monthly delivery now.

I was not impressed when my Chilian beers were almost all actually brewed in Scotland, but I’m glad i stayed because the Gaelic Nations box had some decent cans within.


There were several brewed in Cornwall (St Ives) and London (Fourpure) as well! I thought they were mostly pretty decent and seemed to be good matches for the originals, to judge by reports of those. Plus they still count as Chilean, just contract-brewed. :joy:

I’ve only had one so far @BeerViking, I did notice it went to Chile when I rated it. On further checking they are all the same region though, or at least my 10 are.


I missed out on the “Chile” month. Were any of them actually brewed in Chile ?

No Martin, none of my ten actually came from Chile, the nearest I got was a Cornish brewed one, haven’t drank it yet though.


I guess if there had been an actual Chile brew I could have had that as the special for my #9000, instead of the Chilli perry. :grinning:

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Actually I’ve noticed some of us (not me yet) have joined the top 50 raters of Santiago: https://www.ratebeer.com/Users/TopRatersBeerByState.asp?StateID=376&Letter=S

You’ve all got Beer52 to thank for that!

Spain next month, I doubt that will push anyone into a new region top 50 slot.


Who’d a thunk it. I’m in the top 50 of a region in South America!


I had Spain bck in February ! Angels of the North next month for me - or would be if I hadn’t opted out

That one has me tempted to opt back in from quarterly to monthly!