205 Regions and counting

After Spain was completed there are now 205 regions, this is before the coming 17 extra countries are split.
Ompher is leading the way with 200. I’m not even in the top 50 as I am missing 37 of them on 168. Still got a lot of American and Canadian to do, but the hunt continues.
There does seem to be one impossible region in the newly uploaded Spain. We haven’t found a brewery in one of the African regions, Melilla, Cueta also looks to be very difficult too but at least we are showing a brewery.


Retired raters are not showing on the top 50 list (Travlr and maybe a few more). Any chance that admin can solve this little isue? They are showing regarding places.

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I think that’s because you need to rate a beer for all new regions to take effect in totals.

I’m pleased with my 148 thus far considering I am still missing 25 from England, Germany and Canada

That’s right, if they were to just rate one beer then it would give them their extra regions. However the current list is a good way to show who’s still around.

I’m on 146. My Spain regions, or lack thereof, is pretty shocking. I didn’t think about the cities in Africa counting as regions either.

I’m just not really able to chase regions from a lot of the ‘new’ split countries, so I think I’ll have to stick with finding new US states and slowly picking up some Bundeslander now and again.

190 for me at the moment. I hope to stay on the leader board once the next ‘17’ new countries are split into regions. Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland should help with that along with France, maybe Italy and Poland too. The rest will not see me featured a great deal.



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I think even if they log in again, it might fix that. AKA if you rate one, or log out and log in again, then it shows how many regions you have. But ya, I know @travlr used to specifically go around to different countries trying to hit regions. But that was before the diversification, so he probably doesn’t have something like Spain very well covered.

I’ve got 151 so far, so nowhere near top 50. My trump card is Latin America though - I’m pretty sure I have mexico pretty well covered, and there are 31 regions there. Argentina should give me a boost too.

Otherwise I’ll have to take the trans-siberian railway one of these days to really clean up. @YantarCoast are there a lot of breweries close to stops on that railway line? Like you could run out, bang off a quick flight of ticks, and make it back into your train on a 20 minute stop? :rofl:

I’m sure you’d be able to boost some serious oblast stats if so…

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Nunavut in Canada also doesn’t have a brewery yet I’m pretty sure. NWT only got one in the last couple years. So in theory there are at least 2 impossible regions, Melilla and Nunavut

Plus Chechnya after the Russia split.

It’s hard enough even buying beer there. Beer (and other drinks) can be purchased only for two hours in the morning and only at a single supermarket, as well as at a single restaurant in the capital Grozny.


You mean all along the trans-siberian railway or just in Chechnya?

Just Chechnya

To be honest, just going to Moscow you can get a good amount of oblasts.

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Ya but those place ratings… Somebody needs to petition Putin to put a brewery on every train station on the trans siberian

I’ve always wanted to do Trans Siberian Rail. If you could get client to foot the cost including assistant I’ll volunteer to wrangle camera equipment for you. I have some experience as my family and I took Amtrak auto train 3 Times from Orlando to DC in last couple years and I’ve watched The Darjeeling Limited many times. I assume that is enough credentials.

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Somehow I have managed 179 putting me at 42nd place. Can’t say I’ll chase the rest but something to keep an eye on.

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124 regions for me, which I’m quite happy with given that I’m not a big rater & am a bit restricted on the travel front by my wife’s fear of flying. There’s lots of easy-ish regions for me to aim for, so I should be able to increase my overall regions rated going forward.

Spain has my lowest return on regions so far, with just 4 out of 19, although some of the forthcoming region splits (south & central America, Switzerland, Russia, I’m looking at you) will definitely be far worse than that. Again, lots of new stuff to aim for which makes me happy :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to having Wales split as by my reckoning that’ll be my second complete country in terms of regions (after England).


Hi all, very glad to see the regions expanding. Could we please next get Bulgaria split out by province?


Have a look now then. I updated all Welsh breweries, cideries and meaderies earlier so unless I missed any it should be complete now. Except for places, haven’t touched those yet.