22 Counties, finally on track

So here we are; good and well seated at Nags Head, Reading.
Our first beer at english soil, had to be a bitter, cask served off course. Lovely smooth from Cloudwater, chiming in at 4,2 %.

Next one is a smoked from Hardknott, a brewery I really liked a lot, pity about the closing of this one.
This is the start of our 22 counties chase by train, doing 4 new counties tomorrow, Oxfordsh, Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestersh


Good luck! / Lykke til!

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Happy travels, look forward to seeing your updates.

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God tur til dere. Kos dere selv or det blir et rotterace.

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Excellent, a beery travelogue to follow to get rid of the January Blues. Where are you visiting in Oxford? I was there on Tuesday, most new beers for me were in The Royal Blenheim and St. Aldates Tavern, both close together and about 15 mins walk from the Railway Station.

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We are visiting The White Horse first, before we stroll back to the railwaystation, and jump into The Grape, limited time today :sunglasses:

Love Reading’s Nags Head, don’t get to go there much these days though.

Have fun & keep the reports coming, love a beer travelogue.

Glad you made it and look forward to your updates and of course especially look forward to seeing you on Sunday for our tour of Canterbury

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Lots of history attached to The White Horse, Winston Churchill’s favourite in Oxford, a bit touristy now. The Grapes isn’t the pub it used to be but still pleasant on the eye.

I look forward to seeing and reading about your beery exploits; 22 counties is a big ask in such a short time, Good Luck.


Breakfast at The Four Candles (JDW), Oxford before we head into town. White Horse also for the Morse connection.

Whatever people think about Wetherspoons, they sure are handy for a chase like this. Being able to grab a breakfast, a place tick and maybe a couple of early beers before other pubs are open is a huge help.


Leaving Oxford for Swindon, we skipped White Horse, opened at noon, so we went to Turf Tavern instead, had a lovely pint of Black Sheep there, before we moved on to Grapes and finished off at The Pint Shop, which was a lovely place, could easy spend some hours there.

Yes the Pint Shop is always well worth a look if you have the cash. Swindon is more of a struggle, best bet is in the old railway sheds.

Actually the one I was thinking of doesn’t appear to be open any more, probably The Glue Pot would be best for the station.

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We are heading for the Glue Pot in a couple of minutes, our only stop in Swindon. Famous for XTC !

Spennende å følge dere! Vi lar oss både imponere og inspirere.
Fortsatt god tur. Tøft med XTC.:smile:

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Wiltshire done, off we go to Somerset

Full speeed, hope you manage to keep the schedule.

Bath Brewhouse now for a pint of bitter, before we head for The Salamander and finishes our visit in Somerset at Independent Spirit of Bath.