24h in Oslo

Beginning of next month, I’ll have a full day in Oslo. Among some of the sightseeing I’d also like to stop for a beer or two (or three,…). Which places are currently THE places to visit and enjoy some craft beer in a fine, casual surrounding. Searching for central Oslo (walkable from radhuset area)? Thanks for any input. Cheers

RØØR in Rosenkrantz gate 4 is centrally located and highly rated, but I have not been there myself. A few good places I’ve been to: Amundsen Bryggeri & Spiseri in Stortingsgaten 20 is as central as you possibly could wish for, in the immediate vicinity of Rådhuset (City Hall) and Stortinget (Parliament). Within easy walking distance you will find Brygg in Storgata 5-7, and if you walk a bit further north-east, you will find Crowbar & Bryggeri in Torggata 32, and Cafe Sara in Hausmanns gate 29. A 5 minutes’ walk from there you will find Schouskjelleren in Trondheimsveien 2 - and that is about as much as you will have time for in 1 day - though there are many more places in hipsterish Grünerløkka.


This one is very centrally located:

When I visit Oslo I always prioritize the brewpubs: Crow, Amundsen, Nedre Foss Gård, Grünerløkka Brygghus, Ringnes Brygghus, Schouskjelleren and Brygg. Two new ones: Skråplanet and Bar Flag.

When I was in Røør it was a good time, but I could not tick as hard as I wanted because the bartender cut me off… oh well.

Thanks for some nice ideas guys.