2691 new UK beers in last 5 years?

Deageo global marketing manager on the craft attack today. Aside from stressing that craft gives drinkers “choice fatigue” and “1 in 6 dont trust craft” which is probably true, he gave the rather precise figure of 2691 new beers released since 2013. Now, i joined this site in 2013 and have tried over 3100 English beers alone, most having been released since then. So that means ive tried pretty much every new beer released in the last 5 years! Crazy.

Seriously though, thats clearly a low figure. Is there a more accurate RB figure if new UK releases over the last 5 years?

There are around 30k UK beers at RB so I find it highly unlikely only 2.7k are new in last five years.

According to this link https://www.ratebeer.com/breweries/england/0/240/ of the 1809 breweries 1031 got in the Database of RB after 01. January 2013. So they should probably have released way more than 2691 beers. I copied there numbers of beers in our Database to Excel but couldnt build a sum because I copied a blank before the number and excel cant handle this for autosum…

lul. Excel is terrible.

I did it using Google and it counted just fine. 13,896 as of the time of this post. And that of course is ignoring all the new beers from breweries who were established before 2013.

The guy’s numbers are an order of magnitude off, I wonder where he sourced it from? And in fact it’s odd because he’s arguing that “choice fatigue” is bad, you would have thought he’d want to go with the biggest number possible to magnify his point. He must have used some bizarre criteria to come up with a figure that is so much lower than reality. Also I highly doubt our database here is 100% complete so the actual figure would be even higher.


Blokes a fuckwit!

I’ve rated 3.3K greater London beers alone since joining RB in August '12.



Thanks, you are for more into that numbers shit. I suck at it and tried my best :smiley:

Guessing he’s talking packaged product, and definitely not counting all the little one-offs.

“confused by choice” = “oh my god, some of them are so confused they’re no longer choosing Guinness!”

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What makes you think 5/6 of people are stupid?

“Craft” beer epitomises the Dunning-Kruger effect taken to hilarious extremes; I’m betting 5/6 of craft brewers have never heard of Sturgeon’s Law.

Damn those anti fishing restrictions !

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Because i deal with the general public every day in a cafe bar. The vast majority - 99.5% - of customers are not craft beer geeks. They’re families, students, retired couples, people from all walks of life. When they look at the fridge of 100+ beers covering every conceivable style, from some of the most highly revered brewers from around the world, despite wanting a beer most (perhaps 9 in 10) change their mind and go for a coke, coffee or tea because the familiarity, and trust, isnt there.

So its less about being ‘stupid’ and more about dependability & familiarity. Though i personally dont understand why they dont just try something new.

Presumably the not trying something new goes back to cost … ?

“We” know that a highly revered world brewers impy stout is worth £7.50 a bottle but Joe Bloggs who drinks Doom Bar @£3.50 a pop ain’t gonna part with that money for something that probably won’t agree with his palate (and is only 330ml not a manly pint!).

It could be a factor in some cases, but most of the time they dont even look at the clipboard. Many even opt for a Duvel, which is more expensive than a lager or pale ale.

I agree the pint thing is important to some people. Which is why there are big 500ml IPA / Pale Ale cans and bottles. But its craft, and i think many (inc a lot of younger drinkers) want familiar names - Guiness, Heineken, Strongbow etc

Yes it really is surprising, how many people drink with their eyes.

You’ve misunderstood my post.

I’ve tasted over 4500 new English beers since 01/01/2014.

I’m always complaining about choice fatigue, why can’t they just brew one beer and brew it well and stop experimenting with other styles and flavours.

As for not trusting craft, well there are plenty of Kolsch’s i’ve had from non Germany that aren’t Kolsch’s, plenty of goses that aren’t goses and plenty of sours that are clearly yoghurt. I don’t trust what craft brewers put on their labels.

All or none or some of the above is at least partially true.


Sturgeon’s Law - Ninety percent of everything is trub. Little known fact.