3 Floyds in Virginia?

Was just in a whole foods in Arlington yesterday and they had Alpha King and Gumbalhead!!!

Cool. Maybe now that they closed their brewpub they are starting to ship out more widely??

We are getting them in NYC and have been since the summer.

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Maybe they just started distributing wider when in house sales slowed down from the rona

Or maybe somebody new picked up the distribution rights.

Yeah, meant to post about this when it happened.

It’s the week they dropped places started selling on Wednesday or so, I went on Saturday and the closest Total Wine was already sold out of Zombie Dust.

I think Gumballhead is a great, drinkable beer so I picked up a bunch of those for a small family gathering.

Right now I’m seeing these:
Zombie Dust
Alpha King
Barbarian Haze

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Cool. Also just ran out of soy sauce, in case they start shipping dark lord around now that they closed pub.


They are available here in Massachusetts as well.

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I’ve been seeing gumball all around the Pgh region, do you think its the same ol’ gumball?

MD. seeing some FFF love as well! Dreadnaught tasting better than I remembered it!


Ya that’s what I thought. Gave Alpha King a relatively low score back in the day and loved it this time. I think I’m just missing real, bitter IPAs these days.


only recently figured out the gumballhead logo lol

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