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3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek - versions

There’s (as far as I can see) only one version of the 3F Oude Kriek registered on this site. A while ago I had an Assemblage no 5, seizoen 16 17 with an ABV of 4,5%. Should this be registered as a version of its own, or is it just another blend of the ususal.

Regular one. All the lambic beers have always fluctuating abv numbers. Unless they are really trying to make a different product (e.g. by adding honey, using different cherries, etc), it’s not regarded a new entry.

Thanks for answering!

I am aware of the prosess and fluctuating abv, and that’s the reason I asked. It’s not desirable to get the conditions of another-not-to-be-mentioned site :crazy_face:

Still, for me coming from Norway, the flucuation on this particular assemblage was very noticeable since it was under the monopoly abv and therefore could be bought in other shops (the few bottles available, that is).

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