36 Beers to Add to Your Must-Try List

36 Beers To Add To Your Must-Try List This Year

Cheers for that, you’ve just wasted five minutes of my life I will never get back! :sweat_smile:


Yeah but Fishman, you are a grizzled beer drinker who has tried many beers!

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The article should really be called 36 Beers to Try if You Have Never Tried Beer Before. It’s honestly a pretty good list if you want to introduce somebody to a lot of the benchmark beers for their respective styles. But yeah, a lot of people who have been on RateBeer for a few years have probably scooped a lot of those beers already.

…and live in the US.

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Yeah that’s definitely true.

Any list without a single doppelbock is not worth considering!

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No Greene King IPA or Doombar? Seriously!


They fail the definition of “beer” ! :crazy_face: