4.5% abv IKEA Perry unrateable

I was wondering why this Perry has been made unrateable: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/ikea-food-ekologisk-kolsyrad-parondryck/150947/328256/

Looks totally legitimate as a Perry with 4.5% abv, maybe someone has some additional information? Would be good to display that within the commercial description.


When I rated it it was already unrateable by the way, but then you could still rate it through the app

I agree that the admin could have been more explicit, but just FYI the label says “carbonated pear drink”, this is very common in Scandinavia, just a mix of grain alcohol, artificial fruit flavour, colouring and lots of sugar; nothing else than an alcopop.

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“Pear drink” “looks totally legitimate as a perry”?!?

I don’t think the Dutch version says that. Also it’s organic, so it’s probably not artificially flavoured.

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Its probably just Kopparberg in disguise

it was @gnoff who last touched this beer. Maybe he can explain, but I would suspect it is simply yet another fruit juice with added alcohol.

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Yes, not an actual cider.
Low fruit content alcoholic beverage.

Not allowed to me called a cider in Sweden, instead called something like “pear drink,”.

Basically an alcohol pop

I was wondering because the label of the can I got from a German IKEA says: “Ekologisk Cider Päron, Swedish Pear Cider, organic” and further: “Schwedischer Birnenwein, […], ökologisch”. It doesn’t say pear drink anywhere at all. Is it maybe a different product? Or just relabelled for the German/Dutch etc. market? Because the label also says “Hergestellt in Schweden” (produced in Sweden).

it is illegal to sell things which say “Birnenwein” in Germany if they are not fermented from pears. However, it is allowed to only be “partially fermented”, and I could not find rules on how much fermentation needs to have happened. Also, if it is okay to call it Pear Cider in the country of origin, it would probably be fine to call it that in Germany (see also the case of imported beers which do not follow the Reinheitsgebot). This is a bit confusing…


From what I can see on the back of the label the fruit content is only 17%

It is soda with some slight fruit content, as the name indicate “carbonated pear beverage”.
Traditionally what is referred to as “cider” in English was referred to as “äppelvin” ~apple wine in Swedish, and what was referred to as cider was actually a carboned lemonde with some fruit content.
The term cider was thus unregulated, and when there was an extra tax imposed on soda pops, targetting underage drinkers, some producers relabelled these “cider”. However there was no fruit content…

From a later ruling there was a need for a small percentage to be originating from fermented fruit. This drink seem to fail also that riducously low threshold.

Prior to allowing flavoured ciders on Ratebeer, there was a very long Admin discussion as to where to draw the border. This beverage comes nowhere close to it…

The lack of transparency from the major producers, combined with what we know about production methods, have made us to implement reversed burden of proof for some producers - ie. if they are not transparent enough with production method and contents, it will be non rateable. If you have proof that the fruit content is 50% or more, provide it - otherwise rate a Fanta instead :wink: