400 Untappd Users Surveyed - How they use the app

Interesting stats.

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nice post, that should get you a badge

quite interesting

That is interesting. But it’s unfortunate he is posting this now as he makes reference to the actual v3.0 of the app near the end, making this largely irrelevant as there were quite a big number of UI changes in it. Also, a commenter on the post points out the flaw in the survey in that only 1 answer could be chosen for how people use the app, it skews the stats to Untappd’s disadvantage funnily enough. It would be nice to know ALL the reasons people use it, not just the primary one.
I’d also like to see a bigger sample size. 400 is nice but when you think that Untappd has something like 500,000 active monthly users it doesn’t sound like a good sample any more.

I’d love to see him update this post now that 3.0 has been out for quite some time. I think it does well to underscore the fundamental differences between Untappd and Ratebeer. Not sure if there’s anything RB can learn from that though as I think the use cases are pretty different. In fact I know they are different, I use both every day.