4th Annual Ultimate New Englander Award

I wasn’t going to post this since the New England forum was disbanded but inspired by these threads

The North Stat


British Isles

Below is the folks who appear on top 50 raters list of all 6 New England States as of 12/31/17. much smaller list than in years past, same winner as last year and the minimum ratings to achieve jumped by 74 beers year over year, and we’re up 212 beers since I first posted in 2014.

AirForceHops 4.33
argo0 12.67
Bulk_Carrier 14.17
j12601 14.17
jtclockwork 18.00
Drake 20.50
johnnnniee 21.83
WillRunForBeer 23.17


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How many of these users are active? argo0 appears to have finished his RB career. Didn’t Bulk_Carrier freak out/burnout?

All active except those two, both haven’t logged on in 6 months. A lot of past years winners have since quit the site. Only 3 of these active folks actually live in New England as well. We really need more raters/users from this region which is putting out a lot amazing beer.

Is Bulk_Carrier active anywhere else? Was hoping to meet up and buy him a beer later this year.

Too bad, this is what he posted last year, so he was trying to get in this club and now he won’t know he made it

Looks like he quit around June. Couldn’t imagine why in that particular month.

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Yeah, mystery that.