7 hours in Munich

I will be in Munich for seven hours on my way home to Greece this December. It’ll be a little before Christmas, so I’m planning on getting some ornaments from the Christmas market and then focus on what matters most: beer and sausages. Is there a good place I can get both?

The airports a long ways out - but down in old town center:



as has been said before: the Munich airport is located ridiculously far from the city. It takes you about 40-50 mins to get into town, with waiting intervals of up to 20 mins…

That said, there is a fun christmas market happening at the Residenz indeed (unless you want to get your ornaments at the market at the airport), and it’s very centrally located, so I can recommend to go there.

Paulaner brewpub am Kapuzinerplatz has great onsite brewed beer and good sausages (one subway station from Marienplatz, take U6 southwards to Goetheplatz), and Bratwurstglöckl am Dom (walk from Marienplatz) has great Augustiner from gravity and great sausages.

If going into town is a high risk for you or you have a delay, Airbräu (the onsite airport brewery) has two brewpubs in the airport, one in the middle between the two terminals outside security and one inside security, next to the H gates at Terminal 2.

I fully recommend hitting the Viktualienmarkt. Tons of food options. Cheaper, better, faster than sit down stuff. There are quite a few places within walking distance of it as well. It was really my favorite spot in Munich. The exotic fruit market had some incredible stuff. The Schweinehaxe purchased there for 5 euro was probably as good if not better than most of the biergartens I visited. Pickles, kraut, pretzels, cheese, meats…you can stock up quite well there. There is a biergarten there as well, but I think there are better drinking options a block or two away.

I found Airbrau’s beer to be rather lackluster at best, certainly not up to the same standard as most beer in Munich. I’d spend more time downtown and forego a visit there.

Oh, almost forgot, Tap House is a real solid beer bar, with plenty of interesting new school ticks. It is only a few block from the train station, very convenient for traveling to and from the Airport as well.

Viktualienmarkt is nice, I agree. If you want good Biergarten/restaurants where to sit in a warm place, next to what have been already suggested I tell you also the Wirtshaus Ayinger, or Augustiner.
If you go to Viktualienmarkt, very close there is also Eataly, with Italian specialties and also some beers like Baladin, Birra del Borgo, etc. Just in the case you could be interested. And there you can get a very good coffee (Illy) at an almost Italian price and not at the expensive usual German price :smiley: but except the coffee, the rest is a bit pricey, but it’s all good quality there.

Thank you all for the great responses! I’m thinking of doing either Wirsthaus Ayinger or Zum Augustiner. I went to the first one about 10 years ago, but I’ve learned a lot about beer since so I think I’ll appreciate it more now :slight_smile:

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