We just reached 700,000 beers, with a beer from South Carolina that was added today (Ghostface Ahhsome Pale Ale).

The actual number of beers in the database is a bit smaller because of deletions and alias, but this is the one that will be remembered.

Give it another 10 months and we may get to 800,000.


And how many people do actually add new beers?


I add new beers a fair amount of the time. This isn’t untappd where all the beers are already there for you (said with humor for those not paying attention to the forums).


Just out of interest in stats I’d like to see a breakdown by country, i.e. how many users from the US, Germany, England, etc add beers, and how many they have added.


I would to see this aswell, because this would show how much effort some people put into this website and where they from.
Despite being minorily funded by AB-InBev via ZX Ventures this page is still community driven and without those few active and committed users the page wouldnt work.


I try to do my best whenever possible with new beers from Germany and Italy. I try to add as much new (relevant) places as possible as well.


Lurking here and there seems like the Dutch community is the biggest one, followed by our beer-fellows from UK, Norwegians, Americans and then Germans (+ expats)

I add new beers when Ive had a beer that’s not on the site, I suspect many users are the same.

In all seriousness, I closely follow around 15 breweries that I frequently add beers for, at least for their canned releases, and there’s plenty more random beers I come across that need adding. In the past month I’ve added 45 beers, I think that’s about average for me, I’ve no idea how this compares to others as we unfortunately have no stats for additions… I suspect some of the so-called power users add many multiples more.

Most likely there’s a small minority of users adding a large majority of the beers.

I too would love to see a breakdown of some stats by country/users etc.



I do constantly. I rate every beer I try and I keep managing to land in parts of the country where I’m apparently the only RB user within several hundred miles.

Is there a way to see how many beers a specific person has added? I’m curious to know how many I have added.

You entered 161 beers.
I don’t think that the information is readily available, I compiled a list for you


Ill also like to see how many beers i have added.

But also a permanent top 50 beers added yearly / overall (like Top raters / raters of the year) would be interesting and much appreciated.



but my first impression was that fonefan hit another milestone!


What is up with all of these GEKOLONISEERD posts?

Colonized? Back when the Netherlands was a superpower?

HAH, it was big in the spice trade and colonized whatever …

but now I think RB raters :+1:


If anybody wants to know, you should ask Joe, because with my access it’s a lot of manual search

I can easily see how many pages a user has; each page is 99 beers entered (it’s just an admin tool and the old developer must have made a small mistake with the count), the last page is empty (another bug) and the second last has <99 beers; beers that were entered and deleted obviously don’t count.
This is @fonefan:image
That’s less than 700 beers added.

A few admins, randomly:
myself: 4,000
@omhper: 5,200
@Papsoe: 7,400
@imdownthepub: 10,000
@Oakes : 11,200
@ChrisO: 14,800
@Marko: 21,400
@skyview: 41,600

How do you even compile such a list? Through the API?

It’s an admin tool/page


Cheeeers all Rarebeerians!