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A 10-year IPA journey

Step 1: Holy shit this way too bitter and it isn’t even dark.
Step 2: wow, hops
Step 3: sooo many IPAs. If it ain’t fresh from the source, it ain’t worth it
Step 4: wow, double dry hopping. New England. And green onion flavour in a beer! So cool and novel!
Step 5: Finally people are starting to catch up to Trillium, Alchemist, Lawson’s etc. Every NEIPA I have top ratezzz
Step 6: uh oh, we have a problem.
Step 7: Ok, green onion in a beer? Damn I can’t taste anything else even in the better hazies
Step 8 Holy shit this is way too bitter, and I miss it. A good West Coast IPA?
Step 9 Please save me Lord San Diego, although I have sinned and strayed from the true path…


I think you’re supposed to apologize to somebody you screwed over and the acceptance of a higher power is usually much higher but this looks great!
I always thought 12 was overkill anyway.


Step 1- Early 90s drank a Anchor Liberty Ale in philly at a tasting with Michael Jackson. Holy crap!! So this is what hops do!!!

Step 2- Still chuggin’em down! :rofl::+1:


I went from #1 thru 3 and back to #1…I’m so non-trendy :wink:


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