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A bit quiet on here!


Hello guys, I do keep popping back onto your Forum to see what’s going on. It seems very quiet, have you lost people and interest? The UK Forum is also less used since ‘the second announcement’, it sank a little after ‘the first announcement’ too, just a few hardy souls (and a Haddock) left now.

I am over in OC again soon, Babysitting for five weeks or so. Hope to get out and about a little but it’s mostly Grandfather duties for my 3 year old Granddaughter rather than drinking beer.

I will post on this thread anything interesting I do or find.



OK, it would seem I am talking to myself on here. Doubt I’ll be back on this forum for a while; goodbye.



Well, I’ve mostly been gone for 10+ years, with a few starts and stops, but I just started posting ratings again. Hopefully I’ll be able to maintain enthusiasm this time…

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how ya been, Stephen? Good to see an old schooler back around RB. Rate on my friend!


Yo buddy! Awesome to touch base with you again, my friend. Been good, you? I’ve never stopped writing rating nearly every day, just didn’t post 'em. I think I just passed you on the all-time list with my recent upload of ratings. To think I was once in the top 50, now I’m 680. lol


Still rating, at a sloths pace of course :grin: I never worried about those numbers. Too many big guns around these parts! Good hearing from you buddy.