A Czech / Prague conundrum - U Supa & Unetice

Until a Czech sub-forum is reinstated…

So, last month, we’ve visited U Supa in Prague. Handy location, had to eat somewhere, fancy place with fancy prices, bragging about their beers and their much-awarded ex-U Fleku brewmaster. We got three completely clear beers, including a very much pale “tmavý ležák” and, logically, a very much pale “polotmavý” (though still inside lthe limits). Though they are supposed to be three different recipes and all, this raised some warning flags. But hey, I’ve seen paler dunkels around Berlin.

What triggered further warnings was the bill, which clearly said Unetice Svetle - never mentioned ANYWHERE in the menu or on the chalkboards, apart from their dark and polotmave. Something weird is going on there with beer.

I mean, check the difference in color between half a year ago and now for the dark:

And the variation in opacity of the pale:

While the semi-dark is also all over the place:

Is it possible that, when missing a beer, they silently tap Unetice?

Had there a “tmávé pivo” this summer and the waiter told me - I speak a little czech - that the beer came from Unětíce. He said, that they had not enough capacities to brew all the announced styles (světlý ležák, polotmavý ležák and tmávý) by themselves…

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So my hunch was good… Sigh. Wonder if the recipes are different. And what the “dark” really is…