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A new addition to ticking: Numbers

I was thinking about a new feature that might be cool for RB. What if we added a feature that allowed people to check in beers they have already rated? As in, if I often drink a KBS, say, then I can tick it off without rerating etc. And the number would show up and be visible to other raters. Would be cool because it would add to the rating I think. AKA if someone has had a beer like 20 times and opinion hasn’t changed, would be good to know, even if it doesn’t affect rating average etc.

Would also just be a cool way to interact with the site. And might help for people interested in beer trades – aka somebody who drinks something all the time would be a good person to hit up if you’re looking for that beer. It would be pretty useful in that sense.

Also more stats possibilities there like most loyally drank beer etc. Like I don’t mind a 14% dessert stout sometimes, but I’m sure not drinking most of them more than once in my life. Expedition stout on the other hand…


I always thought that something like this would be interesting to have. This will probably also help those compulsive tickers in drinking twice a beer they liked :stuck_out_tongue:


Any thoughts @joet ?

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