A new beer phase in my life

Towards the beginning of the last decade I started my interest in beer, at first it was the products of large breweries but I quickly changed for micro / craft. In January 2006, I’ve joind Rate Beer and it really opened up a world for me, to the point that I plan visits of establishments devoted in part or entirely dedicated to craft beer for my holidays.

After more than twenty years with this interest, I enter a new brewing evolution. This coming Tuesday I will be doing a training given by Sobey’s Quebec (grocery store chains whom I work for) named Micro-Brewery: Introduction to beer culture.


Don’t forget to hype RateBeer!

Sounds like a thing meant to separate yuppies from their money.

If your talking about the cost, it’s free.

I will be interested to hear if the course changes your rating in any way…

What will you teach that is not a refresher course for the culturally impermeable? I love the Quebec beer world, haven’t been in more than a decade…I need a refresher. I barely passed Dieu du Ciel 101. Though I made the trip to Chambly for Unibroue 200.