A RateBeer boost & chill video chat room (on Zoom) - pop in!

Hey hey! @SHIG made a Zoom video chat room just for random sober or tipsy conversations these boring home office / quarantine days. Feel free to join us! :smiley: Just install the app, on laptop or phone and you’re all set!

Today’s link:


well, the “host” should start the meeting!

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guess I better find a mic somewhere

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Huh, you just missed us by minutes, damn. There were no American takers yesterday (bar @Frank for a few minutes) unlike the two previous nights, so we who are on Euro time shut down a bit earlier than before.

https://zoom.us/j/726767450 back to the old link i think. I can leave the meeting running until my computer shuts down on it’s own.

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The room is open for today @everyone! Will last I guess until there are people still in. :smiley:

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Beat me too it! I know a lot are tick’n at home, why not join the virtual bar party…Cheers, Shawn


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American night tonight apparently, I’m the only Euro there right now. :smiley:

cool, hope to chat it up soon

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Sunday Chatz.

Wednesday April 1

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need a mic and camera! keep forgetting those

Amazon delivery month and/half!


Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 5.37.18 PM

Twas empty when I joined too, oh well.

Will definitely be a ton of people ppl on Friday and Saturday, likely Sunday too.

There will be a virtual bar tonight for Thirsty Thursday. I’ll post link later when I fire it up!

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https://zoom.us/j/608248878 It’s up and I’m grabbin a beer!

we are still in there and hanging out, don’t be shy!

where is everybody?