A shout out to Rune and Finn

I have met Rune and Finn many times in their visits to England and everytime I am reminded how much fun I have with them. How nice they are as human beings. How much I enjoy sharing a beer or several with them. Going round Bermondsey with them a few weeks ago was just great. So relaxed, so much beer and such good people.

I am also blown away by their generous offerings of beers from Tromsø that they bring across to share.

I just want to thank them on this Forum for just being great Ratebeerians.

Thank you

And Graff brewery kicks ass!!!


Hear, hear!

Meeting other Ratebeerians when travelling around is one of the best things with Ratebeer. Always a pleasure to share some beers with like-minded!

…and we are only half-way through The Beer Mile…

BTW: Hackney is another area in London coming up for serious pub-crawling.


Couldnt agree more. I had a nice surprise when they both called into Shrewsbury on this trip. Lovely people, as is fellow Tromso resident Djoeye who I met with on a trip there last year (Rune and Finn were unable to meet that time).

Hope to meet again on our next trip to Norway.

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Yeah, it was great to have Harrisoni as our guide on the BBM, or at least half of the mile. We will soon be back to do the last seven of the 14 places. And we were glad to meet minutemat at the great little French cafe in Shrewsbury. Love to come back - and bring with us a few more beers from the High north. :smile: