A Stat for the Regions

Take a look at the various regions you have rated beers from: which region has the highest average in each of the four countries currently split into regions on Ratebeer.

Ohio wins in the US for me: 3.78. All Hoppin’ Frog beers (4 actually).

Ontario is my Canadian winner on 3.53, with 7 different beers.

The Isle of Wight comes top for England at 3.44 from 8 beers, was really surprised to have this come out above the other 45.

Rhineland-Palatine at 3.33 from 25 beers is my German winner.

Anyone else got such a diverse spread?


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US - Oklahoma (very surprising) 91% Prairie brews 10/11 rates
Canada - Alberta due to my one rate Alley Kat Olde Deuteronomy Barley Wine
England - Dorset also due to one rate Eldridge Pope Thomas Hardy’s Ale (all vintages to 1999)
Germany - Tie Thuringia & Brandenburg from one Schwarzbier each

Look forward to this exercise once we get more countries split into regions


I’m only picking from regions with multiple ratings.

Canada: Québec (3.67)
England: Derbyshire (3.91)
Germany: Hamburg (3.61)
United States: Maryland (3.75)

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I did too, but not everyone has drank multiples from everywhere, so guys like Jow are allowed to play too.

Only three of us so far, but no duplicates region wise yet.

I wonder if a ‘winner’ will appear for each of the four countries after more posts.


Not able to sort by Average, wasn’t that possible before?

Yes, just go to your ‘Regions’ on your home page and they should just list each region and the average beer score. It still does on my profile page.


I am pretty sure I could click “Average” before, and it would sort it for me nicely, but not possible now, it seems:

US: Vermont (no surprise)
CA: Saskatchewan (big surprise, only 4 beers though)
UK: Berkshire (thanks Siren)
DE: Bavaria (duh)

Same sorting problems as @CH-303, so had to manually check:

US: Iowa - 4.2 (only 3 ratings, all Toppling Goliath, and that Morning Delight is dragging the stats up)

Canada: Quebec - 3.95 (6 ratings; 3 each for Dieu du Ciel and Les Trois Mousquetaires)

England: Greater Manchester - 3.95 (4 ratings, 3 from Cloudwater)

Germany: Hamburg - 3.36 (49 rates)

Yeah those stats show exactly my drinking behaviour. From foreign countries I try to drink only the good stuff, while from Germany, especially the regions around where I live, I try to drink everything I can get.

Ignoring single rate regions except for Canada because there’s no other option

US - Vermont - 4.45 (2 rates)
Canada - Quebec - 3.7 (1 rate, only Canada rate)
England - Greater Manchester - 3.87 (18 rates)
Germany - Bavaria - 3.07 (12 rates)

US - Californiaa - 3.55 - 100 rates
Canada - Quebec - 3.64 - 24 rates
England - Greater London - 3.53 - 55 rates
Germany - Bavaria - 3.22 - 182 rates

US - North Carolina - 3.8 - 22 rates
Canada - Quebec - 3.63 - 18 rates
England - West Yorkshire - 3.7 - 1 rate (Greater London/North Yorkshire both 3.58 with 10/12 rates)
Germany - Bradenburg - 3.18 - 6 rates

Think these are right

It seems there have been recent improvements made to the country and region pages. On Chrome / Android this results in that Average no longer is displayed (only the header, when I force desktop version). So, sorry, not able to chime in.

I only use my laptop, I did notice the page layout had changed and you couldn’t search by ‘average’ unlike before. So I had to scroll down to find my highest ‘average’. These improvements don’t seem to be improvements do they?


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US: Florida 3.81 - 63 rates
Canada: Quebec 3.77 - 40 rates
England: Tie between Greater London and Bedfordshire at 3.38. 6 rates for Greater London, 4 rates for Bedfordshire
Germany: Saxony 3.68 - 4 rates

Fun stat. Thanks for the idea.

US: Minnesota 3.67 - 3 ratings
Canada: Quebec 3.21 - 47 ratings
Enland: North Yorkshire 3.38 - 12 ratings
Germany: Berlin 3.09 - 332 ratings

Would be nice to see this re-instated as it was before :relaxed:

Only region getting multi hits is Quebec, this beer stopped it being my top Canadian region: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/le-grimoire-armure/60069/97853/

Unibroue beers make up the largest group of my Quebec brewed beers and the 15 different beers from Quebec is by far the biggest number of brews from any Canaian Province I have tried so far.


Looking only regions with more than a couple of rates these are my stats,/.

Country Region Average
United States Texas 3.63
Canada Quebec 3.64
England Berkshire 3.56
Germany Berlin 3.5

Surprised by Texas, less so Berkshire

If choosing amongst multiple rated regions then:

US - Ohio (3,54)
Canada - Ontario (3.26)
England - Hampshire (3.57)
Germany - Bavaria (2.82)

Interesting thing with Germany is that non of the regions start with 3. But I love German lagers… fck.