A Stat for the Regions

Going for regions with more than a couple of rates I get the following

US - Pennsylvania (3.66)

Canada - Quebec (2.45)

England - Cambridgeshire (3.37)

Germany - Lower Saxony (3.23)

Bring on more country splits pleas @joet


I’m counting regions with 5 or more ticks:

US - Michigan, 5 @ 3.86

Canada - N/A

England - Greater Manchester, 24 @ 3.48

Germany - Bavaria, 34 @ 3.4

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Definitely want to see more regions! All countries with 10k unique raters would be a great start :slight_smile:

Or just all countries that have regional splits like this, sure, ignore those with little to no beer culture, and tiny micronations, things like that. But I mean the vast majority of this could be automated in terms of the database stuff, no extra work for admins. :slight_smile:

I wish German lander had German names…

“Palatinate” is so ugly to see; as if I never stopped in the Pfalz Wald to sleep on the grass in the sun after a few beers…

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Same here, Average is not clickable anymore

Though not clickable, I can still see which region has the biggest average:

US - Oklahoma 3.72 out of 10 beers
Canada - Quebec 3.31 out of 37 beers
England and Germany - inconclusive data

You can’t stop progress! Thanks Obama!

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Unsurprisingly my top US state is Alaska at 3.5, headed by Alaskan smoked porter.
Ditto Canada, Quebec with 3.26, headed by DdC and some Unibroue.
Ditto UK, West Sussex with 3.32, headed by Dark Star.
DItto Germany, Bavaria with 2.87, because its dragged down by Oettinger.

US: Oklahoma 4.02 avg for 18 beers (9 of which were Prairie Imperial Stouts, and the rest also only Prairie and American Solera).

Canada: Quebec at 3.82 avg for 38 beers. Ice Ciders and Dieu du Ciel really helps.

England: Derbyshire at 3.65 for 34 beers. Lots of Thornbridge and Buxton.

Germany: Berlin at 3.28 avg for 82 beers. Bavaria is second at 3.18 avg for 1341 beers. Since I live in Bavaria, I’ve also ticked the really really boring ones :stuck_out_tongue:

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