A way to make Collaboration Brews appear in every brewers database

Right now, COLLABORATION BREWS only appear in one brewer listing, which can sometime cause people to create duplicates.

Could it be possible to add a extra field to the Add beer Profile, similar to how the Contract Brewery/ Add Multiple Barcodes works?

ex: you ADD BEER, then you have a field named THIS BEER IS A COLLABORATION. If you click on it, you can choose a brewer.
Once you clicked you entered a brewer, then an extra line would appear: ADD ANOTHER BREWER (for Collaboration with than 2 brewers), etc…

Then the beer could simply appear in each brewer database without impacting any stats of those brewers (beer count, scores), just so the beer appear in each contributor’s brewer page

In the Beer Profile of the BEER PAGE, each extra Brewer could be listed under the name Collaborators.

In the EDIT BEER PAGE, each extra brewer could be listed similarly to the barcode list

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Thread and/or post no. 32542352345435 with that suggestion. :smiley: Hope this one has more luck than all the others.


It’s a major update and we haven’t had the bandwidth to tackle this. We are looking to change this.

Would it be more or less demanding than, let say, having all those collaborations having 1 separate entry on each brewer, all aliased to the main brewer entry?

That would be extremely demanding on the admins and would not be fully correct in some cases.

Yes that would require a lot of work for sure

No thanks …

Not sure how the collab scene works in Canadaland but in the UK due to the relative close proximity of everyone there are sometimes 3, 4, 5 way (and more) splits on collabs.

Same here

I definitely want to update everything to do this, however it will take some time. Not only with database updates, but UI and API updates to make sure all the data is sent efficiently.

It’s now on the roadmap, and I’ll keep you’ll updated on how we progress.

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By the way, just to keep in mind, you should be able to add multiple breweries. We’d need to find the biggest amount of collaborating breweries on a single beer and round up on the nearest 5 or 0. Just one extra can’t cut it.


Yeah in order to make this worthwhile it’ll have to be dynamic allowing you to add from one to many breweries per beer.

It also means for all current collabs, they would need to be updated which would be admin effort, but hopefully we can all pitch in to do.